September 1, 2010

New Forum ?

All those who followed the hypernews Forum of Cecilia Bartoli know, that there have been issues about the forum's stability not only in the last weeks, but going back months and even years.  In 2005, I initiated to archive the old postings and, with the help of the administrator, started a new Hypernews Forum at the same location.
Recently, we are having more and more trouble, people are not able to log into their accounts anymore.
This seems to be solved now, but, even worse with the upcoming new season 2010/11, we seem to be unable  to edit postings.  I lost my rights of administration, so  I am also unable, to keep the new schedule up to date.
Discussions have come up about a move to another site, there seems to be a reluctance, but the problems persist, so here is an offer for a new forum.  This version is far from being perfect or finished, but at least an option.

There are links to the current schedule (to be updated), the current and even the former Hypernews Forum, which still are online and can be read.

I contacted the administrator and hope we can save these postings eventually.

Look around at and here and to see how you like the sites.  I think this could be a great opportunity for a new forum.

I opened the forum to be readable by everyone, comments are also allowed by everyone.  Only subscribed people, who are in my list of authors can add new postings though.  Send a mail to CBF(at) and I will add you.


  1. Hi Klaus, thank you for all you do in this forum since years now. May i suggest one little thing ? Could it be possible not to have that black rear screen color, it's very tiring for the eyes when reading...Many things again anyway.

  2. Thanks to Klaus,
    I like the new forum. I hope it will be as successfull as the old one.

  3. Thanks to Klaus for this proposal.
    I am a regular reader of the hypernews forum.
    This new one looks better and it is very well organized. I think it would be better for everyone to move here!

  4. I hope there will be more discussions now, as the Hypernews Forum was becoming just an information website.



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