October 15, 2010

Programme of Händel Concert in London

Ton asked me to put it here, too (link is in the title). As Mariska found out, the Händel programmes differ, look at the one of Bozar here.



  1. Thank you, Charlotte.
    The title " Händel and his rivals" is rather strange as his rivals are only represented in the instrumental works, but I don't mind. Hândel is my favourite composer (apart from Mahler) so I am not complaining.

  2. Händel for Amsterdam

    Händel - Aria 'Furie terribili' (uit 'Rinaldo', HWV 7)
    Händel - Recitatief en aria 'Dunque i lacci... Ah crudele' (uit 'Rinaldo', HWV 7)
    Händel - Aria 'Scherza in mar' (uit 'Lotario', HWV 26)
    F.M. Veracini - Allegro (uit 'Ouverture' nr. 6 in g)
    Händel - Recitatief en aria 'E vivo ancora... Scherza infida' (uit 'Ariodante', HWV 33)
    Porpora - Ouverture (uit 'Il Gedeone')
    Porpora - Ouverture (uit 'Perdono, amata Nice')
    Händel - Sinfonia 'Il Parnasso' (uit 'Giulio Cesare in Egitto', HWV 17)
    Händel - Ah, che sol per te, Teseo... M'adora l'idol mio (uit 'Teseo', HWV 9)
    Händel - Felicissima quest'alma (uit 'Apollo e Dafne' ('La terra è liberata'), HWV 122)
    Händel - Recitatief en aria 'Sì, vendetta... Pugneran con noi le stelle' (uit 'Rodrigo', HWV 5)
    Händel - Ouverture (uit 'Il Trionfo del Tempo e del Disinganno', HWV 46a)
    Händel - Aria 'Ah mio cor' (uit 'Alcina', HWV 34)
    Händel - Sinfonia en Mars (uit derde akte uit 'Giulio Cesare in Egitto', HWV 17)
    Händel - Recitatief en aria 'Mi deride... Desterò dall'empia Dite' (uit 'Amadigi', HWV 11)


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