October 23, 2010

Sacrificium and piano?

The official schedule has been updated. First of all, Australian tour is announced (March 2011). And it says that the second Hong Kong concert and the second Sydney concert will be «Sacrificum with Sergio Ciomei».


  1. DECCA site obviously misses out some dates....-:)

  2. DECCA updated it's site and calls the program "An Evening of Romantic Songs with Sergio Ciomei" in most venues.

  3. They will indeed perform some Sacrificium arias (like they did with "Son qual nave" and "Lascia la spina" in the States, some years ago) mixed together with Neapolitan songs (like "Ti voglio tanto bene" and "Non ti scordar di me"). A strange program indeed!

  4. Renato, I guess, she will just cover wide range of her repertory. But I'm not sure, if just using a piano is a good idea...I like Sergio a lot for sure..

  5. Makes you wonder how she will travel there. If all by ship, it makes sense that she does that only together with Sergio and not with a whole orchestra.
    Have not found yet if there's a cruise that covers all these destinations on those days.



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