February 7, 2011

Wonderful news! Cecilia married Oliver Widmer

According to Opera Chic's blog. Congratulations, Cecilia!!


  1. Nope. The Aargauer Zeitung only mentioned that they had moved from their former home to another one near Zurich and said that this might be a "fanal" for more.

    A so-called "Bartoli intimus" was quoted anonymously with the remark that they might have married. Given the proverbial discretion of the Bartoli circuit I doubt that somebody mentioning her wedding would be allowed to be an intimus.

    Married or not - up to now it`s nothing but gossip .

    It´s always fascinating how people don`t check their sources before trading bullshit.

  2. Do you mean me with "trading bullshit", Anonymus? I did try to get the source in the Aargauer Zeitung, could not find it, but I thought, it wasn't online yet, as many newspaper update their websites after publishing the paper itself. Ok, I was naive, sorry for that.

  3. It doesn't matter, if they are married or not. They seem to be very happy with each other.That's what counts.
    The rumour of them being married is there for years now...so, who cares..

  4. and...guys, be nice to each other -:)

  5. Does anyone know about Cecilia's next project?

  6. Cecilia is already married to music!

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    1. Thank you for the compliment.
      It's a joint effort from all fans.


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