May 22, 2011

Program for Vivaldi

 Thanks to Mariska, here is the program for the upcoming "mini-tour" of Cecilia's Vivaldi concerts. Also this is now confirmed for the Versailles concerts, though they say the program could have changes....but that's an addition to any program anywhere in the world.

So let's enjoy in advance -:).

„Gelosia, tu gia rendi l’alma mia“ from„Ottone in villa“
„Di due rai languir costante“
„Tra le follie ... Siam navi all’onde algenti“ from „L’Olimpiade“
„Sposa, son disprezzata“ from  „Bajazet“
„Gelido in ogni vena“  from „Farnace“
„Anch’il mar par che sommerga“ from „Bajazet“
„Quel augellin“ from  „La Silva“
„Sol da te, mio dolce amore“ from  „Orlando Furioso“
„Ah, fuggi rapido“ from „Orlando furioso“
„Se mai sentí sul volto“ from „Catone in Utica“
„Sovente il sole“ from  „Andromeda liberata“
„Se lento ancora il fulmine“ from „Agrippo“


  1. Seven «old» arias out of twelve, am I right?

    And what about Paris? It was announced some time ago that both evenings would be recorded — does it mean the programme for France is different?

  2. Se lento ancora il fulmine

    YES YES YES YES YES! I hoped Cecilia would sing this one day. Hopefully someone will record this!

  3. Merci.


  4. Same program for Baden-Baden, I can't imgine,they will do a so much different one, but then again many of those arias are on DVD already....we will see, like always.
    Klaus T.

  5. Facebook post:
    Cecilia Bartoli and Jean Christophe Spinosi form "Vivaldi Dream Team" for a series of Vivaldi concerts
    7.6. München
    9.6. Prag
    27.6. Versailles
    29.6. Versailles
    6.7. Baden Baden
    Go to for the concert program and exact venues

  6. Quelques petites photos prises lors des saluts à l'Opéra du château de Versailles, en fin d'album:


  7. D'autres photos encore, prises à Baden-baden :


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