August 26, 2011

Sacrificium new edition: 3CD (2+1DVD)

It definitely seems this fall will bring us no new album, only a new edition of Sacrificium: probably just the 2CD of the DeLuxe ed. plus the DVD shot in Caserta.
Perhaps it will contain some unreleased tracks ("Chi vive am ante" is still to come, or "Cervo in bosco" who was included in 'Sospiri'): let's hope and see.

All the websites indicates Oct. the 7th as release date.


August 19, 2011

Previously unknown videos

Rarities and novelties on YouTube.
  • Cecilia's recording session with Pavarotti. Link
  • Cecilia recording an aria by Rossini. Link

August 9, 2011

Future collaboration with Spinosi?

There's an article in French about Cecilia's collaboration with Ensemble Matheus…
I don't think I understand everything right (since I don't speak French), but I'm sure this sentence is very interesting for all of us:
«Cecilia Bartoli nous a proposé de réaliser ensemble ses principaux projets jusqu'en 2014, dont trois opéras en production scénique ainsi qu'une surprise ''révolutionnaire''».