August 9, 2011

Future collaboration with Spinosi?

There's an article in French about Cecilia's collaboration with Ensemble Matheus…
I don't think I understand everything right (since I don't speak French), but I'm sure this sentence is very interesting for all of us:
«Cecilia Bartoli nous a proposé de réaliser ensemble ses principaux projets jusqu'en 2014, dont trois opéras en production scénique ainsi qu'une surprise ''révolutionnaire''».


  1. Cecilia Bartoli offered us to accomplish together her main plans until 2014, among which three operas in stage production as well as a "revolutionary" surprise.

    That's what I call a revolution.
    VIVA Cecilia, VIVA Ensemble Matheus and C. Spinosi

  2. As it was said somewhere, «Cecilia we shall adore». Fantastic!

  3. Yeah he would have loved to, but was just exaggerating, as usually- in the meantime it is reduced to one single concert in Bad Kissingen (21 june 2012), one reprise of Comte Ory in Vienna in feb 2013 and - maybe- another production (concert or Opera) in 2014/15. Very reasonable, even if I Barocchisti are also a half-baked ensemble, not at all at Bartoli's level. The only band which is a true partner for the 2 years to comeseems to be KOB, IMHO


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