September 7, 2011

One of the most difficult coloraturas ever written

I think all of us were were astonished when we listened to «Cadrò, ma qual si mira» for the first time. I dreamed to have a glance at the score… and here is just one phrase — that's all I managed to find. But it's better than nothing.


  1. Hey Sergei, I wonder where did you find this…
    If you look it carefully, you'll see this is not exactly what Cecilia sings: a couple of bars is missing from this transcription…! :-)))
    Anyway you did a great investigation job! :-p

  2. Yes, there's difference between what is sung by Cecilia and the score in the three bars after the five trills.

    I've found this extract in «The Italian Opera of the Eighteenth Century (volume 2, the epoch of Metastasio)», a book written in Russian. This example is printed on the page 479. It's said it was taken from an article by Sylvie Mamy «Il teatro alla moda dei rosignoli. I cantanti napoletani al San Giovanni Grisostomo» which, unfortunately, I didn't manage to find in the original.

    By the way, from the Sacrificium repertoire one can find at least four full scores of the arias: three manuscript only and one more set up in computer. The latter is «Parto, ti lascio, o cara» (PDF). Page 10 expects a singer to make a leap for duodecima up (what Cecilia does perfectly).

  3. Hey Sergei, if you are interested in Mamy's essay (can you read italian?), I can send it to you by email (as soon as I have time to pass it to the scanner and put it on PDF).

  4. Thank you! That would be wonderful.
    My e-mail is

  5. Privet Sergei,

    I get out of breath just looking at the score (and wouldn't even attempt to hum it). This thing must be quite a lung-work out to sing!

    Thanks very much for translating your review of Kasarova's concert in Moscow into English, too! Your English is very good indeed! :oD

    Best wishes from San Diego,
    Smorgy :o)

  6. Here is the score:,_Francesco)


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