October 21, 2011

Prague concert

I was at Prague Sacrificium concert last Sunday. It was a fantastic experience, of course.
Some details on program: «Parto, ti lascio» was changed for «Lascia la spina», and «In braccio a mille furie» wasn't performed at all.

I wrote a review of my own and translated it (rather roughly, so feel free to correct me) into English.
Here it is.

The concert was partly recorded by some kind people:
  1. Video of Da tempeste
  2. Video of Son qual nave
  3. Audio of Cervo in bosco
  4. Audio of Usignolo sventurato
  5. Audio of Misero pargoletto
  6. Audio of Nobil onda
  7. Audio of Son qual nave

Then, you may want to download the vocal score of «Cervo in bosco» which I set up this evening basing on a manuscript of Vinci's opera.


  1. Wow, Sergei, this is a wonderful post! Thank you for this, I enjoy very much! ♥

  2. Oh! oui, merci pour ce délicieux compte rendu et pour ces superbes videos qui me font trépigner d'impatience avant Semele dans un peu plus mois!

  3. I like your review.Can you beautifully put into words what we hear during the concert.Thank you!


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