December 7, 2011

Semele in Paris

On YouTube you can find several adorable recordings of Paris Semele, look here:

"Ah me Too late I now repent"
"Myself I shall adore"
"No, no, I'll take no less"
"O Jove In pity teach me which to choose"
"O sleep, why dost thou leave me"


Unfortuntely, You Tube removed the clips. I had the chance to listen to them only once: what a magnifiscent performance that must have been....thank you so much Charlotte for posting.
Klaus T.

Since Sergei asked me to: Great review in French by 'Italians do it better'


  1. And look here for a detailed review with beautiful pictures! I haven't read it yet, looking very much forward to it!

  2. Thank you! I think you should put the link to that beautiful review in your post.
    By the way, here is mine short review:

  3. Merci à toi, Georg-Friedrich! Lire tes rendus est un trésor!

    Sergei, thank you for your wonderful review, it's a pleasure reading for someone who'd loved to attend the concert...

  4. Thank you Charlotte and thank you Sergei for your (not so) short review. Allow me to express a short comment about the orchestra : it was not Il Giardino Armonico, but La Scintilla from Zurich. Otherwise, I absolutely agree with you about Hilary Summers and Jael Azzaretti and I expect to see Cecilia in another Handel's opera.

  5. Oh, of course La Scintilla! I forgot to change it in the template. Thank you!


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