December 30, 2012

For those, who missed the Mission or the New Year's Eve concert broadcast is your chance, to watch it . Languages are either German or French.
I have the feeling, it won't stay online for too long.

On!/cecilia-bartoli-sir-simon-rattle-berliner-philharmoniker-silvesterkonzert-2012-2013 you can see the New Year's Eve concert from the Berlin Philharmonie.
Medici told me, it will be online till March 1st and only Japan is blocked.
It seems, though, you have to register.

Have fun.

December 16, 2012

Cecilia on Spanish TV / in Madrid

Click :)

A little change in her Berlin concerts

They removed  "Destero dall'empia dite" and replaced it with "Scherza in mar la navicella" with recitative ......hopefully only to add "Destero dall'empia dite" as an ecncore -:).

December 3, 2012

Great review website and Cecilia live on TV on 31 December

It has been mentioned here already but for those who missed that, the Berlin concert on 31 December will be broadcast live on German channel ARD and French channel MEZZO, at 17.30 H.
Cecilia sings (just) the 3 Handel arias that are also tonight in Milan on the programme.

Furthermore, very interesting to find reviews of concerts, operas and CD/DVDs is  (for concert reviews) or click on operas or CD/DVD for the other sort of reviews .
A wealth of information, reviews and articles, albeit not for every country she visits.


November 30, 2012

Highlights of Dutch reviews of the Amsterdam concert

After the Amsterdam concert of 25 November 2012 of course several newspapers wrote a review.
As it is of course not very interesting for non-Dutch speakers to read them, I will translate parts here.
A long review can be found not in a newspaper but

"Bartoli pleads magically for Steffani.
She is not the first one who undusts him. There are diverse recordings, like 2 years ago Niobe by the Royal Opera House (can be ordered, Ton). But only Bartoli has enough "star power" to cause  a final breakthrough. Personally I have let myself get convinced. Steffani's music offers an attractive melt-together of Italian passion, German precision and French charme. The French influence causes great dance rhythms, richness in colour thanks to prominent woodwinds and pleasant pointedness in expression.
So big praise for Bartoli's initiative although for her fans it won't make much difference what's on the programme. The applause when she entered was so overwhelming that the poor Basel musicians got overpowered. I was curious about her "small voice" but this was OK also because of the early-baroque repertoire. Steffani avoids having the orchestra start together with the voice so she did not have to force herself . Her voice is very suited to this style. By the relatively great freedom she could use her improvistion talents to the full and show all nuances of her mother language. To mention one little detail: the irresitably lovely colouring of the word "amabile". A highlight was the aria "Amami e vederai" from Niobe, only accompanied by continuo but different than on the CD.
The mythical person turns into stone by the death of her children. As audience we also became breathless and silent by Bartoli's extremely sober and deeply felt rendering (much helped by a very quiet audience without coughing, Ton). Steffani obviously influenced Handel. In Palpitanti sfere belle I heard this song end prematurely as the person dozes off into sleep. Half a century later Handel does the same in Semele when Somnus forgets his ca capo by dozing off. Funny to see where this came from.
Of course there were also vocal fireworks. Her virtuosity is still breathtaking but little errors sometimes happened. The beauty of sound suffers under the pressure she puts on her voice. But everyone will agree she is the personification of musicality. And on top of that she knows how to touch the heart by her totally individual technique.
A few encores followed, with Destero dell'empia dite from Handel's Amadigi where the sorceress Melissa sings. This qualification is also valid for Bartoli, in view of her vocal magic"
Written by Martin Toet..   

"Bewitched by Bartoli's flair and flirting" 5 stars out of 5.
Bartoli's expressive palette still belongs to the world's richest, Rabiate passion, sobbing sorrow, lyrical entrancement, biting irony, all performed in utter precision. But with Bartoli there is more than expressive richness.Especially her creative joy and real surrendering put her among the greatest musicians of our time."The human equivalent of the nightingale" she has often been called, whose technique is considered a phenomenon in itself. Her unsurpassed coloratura, perfect intonation and endless colourings in one and the same tone again dazzled her fans. She belongs to the very rare classical artists who are able to drive a concert hall to ecstacy. Her radiant stage presence and continuous flirting with the audience bring back the heated atmospheres of 18th century Italian opera houses. Steffani could not have wished for a better pleader. Everything sounded equally passionate and she plays the theatrical jokes well.
The orchestra was not quite on par with her but the fans came and fell for Bartoli and removed  tears from their eyes (I did, Ton) when she disappeared into the night after a goodbye wave.

TROUW  (4 stars)
"La Bartoli radiates and seduces"
She delivers a complete product that is perfect from all sides. Virtuosely seductress Bartoli kisses the early-baroque idiom awake. Her voice retreated in high spheres or enormous energy bounced off the stage, supplied with a radiant mimic and strong body language.
Amami e vederai: velvety words, from a golden throat, and Palpitanti sfere belle: line by line she joins the material to a unity, lightly and relaxed caught by the Basel chamber orchestra.
Not a mouse would still fit into the Concertgebouw and you could hear a pin drop, also during the encores. Handel's "Lascia la spina "was in one word: Magical.

TELEGRAAF (4 stars):
"Bartoli is united with the music"
The most beautiful she was in the silent spheres of the touching Amami or Sfere amiche. There she sings whisperingly soft but perfectly focused and seems to get ONE with the music. The vocal acrobatics remain extremely virtuosic. The audience could not get enough of it and was hanging at her lips all evening.

VOLKSKRANT  (4 stars).:
"Even when Bartoli is silent, she is the centre of her own show".
A facile vittoria (to an easy victory) Bartoli sang on Sunday and therewith summarized her own performance in triumphant notes. The agile pleasing orchestra sometimes played sparkling ouverturtes to give her voice a rest. The percussionist played  a major role with all sorts of instruments.
Bartoli's sound is not too versatile but she compensantes it by a great supplousse, a great choice, and lots of charme. Even when she does not sing she is the centre of her show and the enthusiasm she waved her audience goodbye had nothing routinely. In the victory aria she duelled with the trompettist which she always won because she always had the last word.
The aria Sfere amiche is a remarkable piece with a heavenly melody, carried by dense harmonic parts full of inner movement. But the ovations were mainly for the vocal fireworks and that one encore, Lascia la spina, which already at first chords caused a storm of enthusiasm ,which shows that the parish of highpriest Bartoli does not have any heretics". 


November 25, 2012

November 23, 2012

Watch Cecilia in 'TV-Total'

'TV-Total' is quite a crazy show on German TV.

Conversation with Stefan Raab.

Singing 'Più non v'ascondo' with the band of the show!

Yesterday, in her wonderful concert in Cologne, she sang the very last encore (the fourth one!) again 'Più non v'ascondo' with this band! Cecilia sent out the kammerorchesterbasel, let the band in - and rocked the house. :)

Furthermore an interview of a German radio station.

I found some beautiful pictures from the concert in Luxemburg, look here (you need to sign in on facebook).

November 21, 2012

Mission's App available on Apple App Store

Though the price is absolutely crazy (comparing with others App on the App Store), here is Mission's App (which was scheduled for lunch in October), which seems to have almost nothing to do with Cecilia, no extra features, no references with the disc, …

Play the role of 17th century composer turned diplomat Agostino Steffani in an interactive mystery. Prepare to solve a real life court intrigue that has eluded historians for 400 years. Search for clues, solve puzzles and interrogate suspects in a beautiful Baroque palace, then prove your hypotheses in court. Pick up and play for a few minutes, or settle down and lose yourself for hours in the musical world of Steffani.

+ A healthy dose of puzzles and drama in stunningly photographed baroque locations!
+ Unfold, unlock, examine and play with interactive objects throughout the palace
+ Solve multiple puzzle levels
+ Use your wit and intellect to solve the mystery and change history!
+ Learn more about this forgotten composer and exciting period in history
+ Contains a true-to-life interactive timeline about Steffani's life as a priest, diplomat and missionary
+ Play in English, French or German!

The perfect companion to both world best-selling classical artist Cecilia Bartoli's album 'Mission' and celebrated crime author Donna Leon's book 'Jewels of Paradise'

'Mission' for iPad is made by content design company Somethin’ Else whose award-winning games include Papa Sangre and the Nightjar.

7,99 €
Categoria: Giochi
Pubblicato: 20/11/2012
Versione: 1.0
Dimensioni: 232 MB
Lingue: Inglese, Francese, Tedesco
Sviluppatore: Universal International Music BV

November 8, 2012

Berlin December program .....and an a little outlook into 2013/14

Here you can see the Händel confirmation :
So she will sing three arias plus maybe an encore in the first part of the concert.

Antonín Dvořák

Slawischer Tanz C-Dur op. 46 Nr. 1

Jean-Philippe Rameau

Drei Tänze aus Les Boréades

Georg Friedrich Händel

»Ah che sol ... Mʼadora lʼidol mio«, Arie der Agilea aus der Oper Teseo HWV 9

Georg Friedrich Händel

»Lascia la spina«, Arie des Vergnügens aus dem Oratorium Il Trionfo del Tempo e del Disinganno HWV 46a

Georg Friedrich Händel

»Mi deride ... Desterò«, Arie der Melissa aus der Oper Amadigi di Gaula HWV 11

Camille Saint-Saëns

Danse macabre op. 40

Maurice Ravel

Daphnis et Chloé, Suite Nr. 2

Johannes Brahms

Ungarischer Tanz Nr. 1 g-Moll


Also, this might be an interesting find for the next season...a return to Dresden, most likely with KOB contrary to what the link says.
15/11/2013 .

November 5, 2012

Almost 15 minutes interview with Cecilia and Donna Leon

Look here. In English. Parts of it are already known.

November 2, 2012

Tickets anyone ?

As the season is running smoothly now, I was asked by several non-members, to post offers for tickets. As I'm not always able, to do that immediately,  I decided to add a ticket section in the main bar just next to the schedule, where anyone can add a comment with a ticket offer just by replying to the main objective.
I will remove the comments/ticket offers once the concert has taken place or the owner sends me a mail, so it should be  pretty up to date and a good alternative for anyone, who doesn't want to get a google account or an ebay acccount for that matter.


Klaus T.

October 26, 2012

DVD/Blu-ray program

1. HENRICO LEONE Acte I, Scene 16 Ballet des Nymphes et des Sylvains : Entree I
2. HENRICO LEONE Acte I, Scene 16 Ballet des Nymphes et des Sylvains : Prelude tres viste
3. TRIONFI DEL FATO Acte III, Scene 9 : Mie fide schiere, all'armi!
4. TASSILONE Acte II, Scene 6 : Piu non v’ascondo
5. I TRIONFI DEL FATO Acte II, Scene 14 duo : Combatton quest'alma
6. NIOBE, REGINA DI TEBE Acte I, Scene 13 : Sfere amiche, or date al labbro
7. NIOBE, REGINA DI TEBE Acte III, Scene 1 : Amami, e vederai
8. STABAT MATER I. Stabat Mater dolorosa
10. LA LIBERTA CONTENTA Acte II, Scene 9 : Svenati, struggiti, combatti, suda
11. LA SUPERBIA D'ALESSANDRO Acte I, Scene 8 : Tra le guerre e le vittorie
12. NIOBE, REGINA DI TEBE Acte I, Scene 13 recitatif : Dell'alma stanca a raddolcir le tempre
13. NIOBE, REGINA DI TEBE Acte II, Scene 10 recitatif et duo : All'impero divino divota … T'abbraccio, mia Diva
14. NIOBE, REGINA DI TEBE Acte I, Scene 23 recitatif et duo : Serena, o mio bel sole … Mia fiamma … Mio ardore
15. TASSILONE Acte V, Scene 5 : Deh non far colle tue lagrime
16. LA SUPERBIA D'ALESSANDRO Acte I, Scene 15 : Non prendo consiglio
17. LA LOTTA D'HERCOLE CON ACHELOO Scene 7 : La cerasta piu terribile
18. NIOBE, REGINA DI TEBE Acte II, Scene 5 recitatif et aria : Ove son? Chi m'aita? In mezzo all'ombre …Dal mio petto, o pianti
19. LA LIBERTA CONTENTA Acte II, Scene 13 : Notte amica al cieco Dio
20. MARCO AURELIO Acte III, Scene 15 : Non si parli che di fede
21. LA SUPERBIA D'ALESSANDRO Acte III, Scene --- : Luci ingrate
22. ALARICO IL BALTHA, CIOE L'AUDACE RE DE' GOTHI Acte II, Scene 14 : Palpitanti sfere belle
23. LA LIBERTA CONTENTA Acte II, Scene 11 : Foschi crepuscoli

Program for Mission concerts a little revised

© Klaus T.

Cecilia triumphed in Leipzig yesterday. Despite the rest of her heavy cold, she and the wonderful I Barocchisti with their energetic leader Diego Fasolis graced us with 5 encores.

Like she did in Nuremberg already, the program has changed a little from the originally published on the Barbican site.
Fasolis will, indeed, join the KOB in London on the harpsichord and as a leader, to warm them up -:).

Ouverture to Henrico Leone (1689)

'Schiere invitte' from Alarico il Baltha (1687)

'Sposa, mancar mi sento… Deh, non far colle tue lagrime' from Tassilone (1709)

'Non prendo consiglio' from La superbia d’Alessandro (1690)

Ouverture to La libertá contenta

'Amami, e vederai' from Niobe, regina di Tebe (1688)

Ouverture to I trionfo del fato (1695)

'Sì, sì, riposa o caro… Palpitanti sfere belle' from Alarico il Baltha

'Notte amica al cieco dio' from La libertà contenta (1693)

'Più non v’ascondo' from Tassilone

'A facile vittoria' from Tassilone


Sinfonia avanti Marco Aurelio

I'Foschi crepuscoli' from La libertà contenta

Luci ingrate from La superbia d'Alessandro

'Morirò fra strazi e scempi' from Henrico Leone

'Dal tuo labbro amor v’invita' from Tassilone

Ouverture to Orlando generoso (1691)

'Ove son?… Dal mio petto' from Niobe, regina di Tebe

'Aires pour les nymphes de la rivière' from La lotta d’Hercole con Acheloo (1689)

'Dell’alma stanca… Sfere amiche' from Niobe, regina di Tebe

'Mie fide schiere, all’armi' from I trionfi del fato'Suoni, tuoni, il suolo scuota' from Arminio (1707)


October 24, 2012

Nürnberg 22.10.2012

here a Review from the Concert in Nürnberg Monday 22.10.2012
Cecilia was still ill. The Concert was great. They put a couch on stage for her.
I look forward the Concert tomorrow in Leipzig

October 18, 2012

Cecilia postpones Munich concert to April 14th 2013

According to Cecilia is ill and has postponed tomorrow's concert in Munich. A new  date will be set.

October 15, 2012

The programme of the Mission concerts !!

As usual the Barbican is one of the first to publish the programme of the concert. too (same programme of course) and more concert halls.

14 arias with track 7 of the CD as the final aria of the evening ,to my big delight. .
And 6 ouvertures/instrumental pieces ("aires pour les nymphs de la riviére" (not written on the original score) is not an aria but the first of 3 ballets at the end of Scene 6 of La Lotta d'Ercole con Acheloo. Interestingly Händel used it for his oratorio Theodora and possibly Alceste. If it had been an aria it would have been in Italian).

It means the following tracks of the CD are in the programme:

1, 3 , 4, 5, 7,  8,  9,  10,  11,  13,  15, 16, 19, 24

This is a total of singing of 50 minutes, 25 seconds (plus instrumental and encores).

The copy and pasted programme follows here by Dominique and Klaus.


It's too important to be in a commentary, so I double it here, thanks, Dominique.
Klaus T. -:)

 Ouverture to Henrico Leone (1689)

'Schiere invitte' from Alarico il Baltha (1687)

'Sposa, mancar mi sento… Deh, non far colle tue lagrime' from Tassilone (1709)

'Non prendo consiglio' from La superbia d’Alessandro (1690)
Ouverture to I trionfi del fato (1695)

'Amami, e vederai' from Niobe, regina di Tebe (1688)

'Aires pour les nymphes de la rivière' from La lotta d’Hercole con Acheloo (1689)

'Sì, sì, riposa o caro… Palpitanti sfere belle' from Alarico il Baltha

'Notte amica al cieco dio' from La libertà contenta (1693)

'Più non v’ascondo' from Tassilone

'A facile vittoria' from Tassilone

Introduzione to Amor vien dal destino (1709)

'Foschi crepuscoli' from La libertà contenta
'Morirò fra strazi e scempi' from Henrico Leone

'Dal tuo labbro amor v’invita' from Tassilone

Ouverture to Orlando generoso (1691)

'Ove son?… Dal mio petto' from Niobe, regina di Tebe 

Ouverture to La libertà contenta

'Dell’alma stanca… Sfere amiche' from Niobe, regina di Tebe

'Mie fide schiere, all’armi' from I trionfi del fato'Suoni, tuoni, il suolo scuota' from Arminio (1707)

October 5, 2012

If you like to hear a complete Steffani opera, read on..

Hearing these short arias made me (of course) very curious to hear  a complete Steffani opera.
Well, that is possible fairly cheaply.
Two years ago Hengelbrock and his ensemble performed in the Royal Opera House Covent Garden in "Niobe". This was broadcast on BBC Radio 3, with lots of commentary and interviews and this has been distributed on 3 CDs (rather amateuristic but good recording quality) by . Google Niobe Premiereopera.
I ordered it (from USA) and could pay by PayPal. Only about 25 $, well worth it.
The Niobe role is by Veronique Gens, who thinks Niobe fully deserved her death.
I really loved the ouverture and the last 2 tracks on 3rd CD, the finale especially (by Creonte, when he has taken over power).
I can't stop playing them and really hope the ouverture will be in the Cecillia concerts programme.
The CD cover only has title and performers. It comes just in plastic covers, not a box.
By googling you should find more info and reviews of this opera performance.
I have a feeling that Cecilia was there and that it started her research (for which she had to be in London anyway).


Cecilia online on Dutch radio (interview in English)

This whole week Dutch Radio 4 had every day parts of an interview in English with Cecilia and each day 2 arias, one from the new CD and one from other concerts, like the opera Giulio Cesare (on Thursday).
This can still be found and heard at  , then the day on the left (1 to 5 Oktober)
and then click on the arrow in the grey field towards the bottom.
Of course a lot of Dutch talking but if you're patient you will hear Cecilia talk and sing.
I followed it with great interest.
For Dutch fans, "Trouw" had today a great and long CD review, totally different than the miserable Volkskrant review of Wednesday, not to mention Telegraaf.
And the classical magazine "Luister" has a wonderful  5-page article/interview this month.
And the TV programme "Nieuwsuur" had a 6-minute programme about the new CD with interviews with Cecilia and Donna Leon in that castle near Munich.


October 1, 2012

September 27, 2012

The mystery of Track No 7

Track No 7 on the Mission CD looks like a double track : Mie fide schiere, all'armi from I trionfi del fato sung by Iarba and Suoni,tuoni, il suolo scuota from Arminio sung by Erta.
BUT: they share the choir's text, which seems to belong to I trionfi, at least on the paper...????

Does anyone have an idea about this?

September 22, 2012

Interview in German newspaper 'Die Welt'

'Dieser mysteriöse Mann ist meine Mission'

A little summary:

She talks about the covers of her latest albums - she's bored by those always-the-same beautiful faces, finds senseless glamour fotos almost an insult, she wants to tell stories with her covers. She says, she takes her time for each project, this time three years, Decca became nervous already. She says that she's very much interested in the times between the eras and in the musicians that inspired the famous ones. She talks about how Donna Leon joined her (at first, she was not interested, but as soon as she heard Steffani's music and knew more about his life, she was captured). She tells us, where she found the scores (Munich, Hannover, Vienna, London). She hopes for a Steffani renaissance and at last requests Decca to record 'Niobe'.

September 21, 2012

Il Giornale: "Trasgressiva e barocca"

Even though it is quite a struggle for me to post something coming from the italian ""newspaper"" Il Giornale, I'll deal with it and link an article/review about Mission, where Cecilia also says she will sing at LaScala "Mozart and other italian music" (....?).

Le Monde: "Cecilia Bartoli en "Mission" baroque et marketing"

Where we discover that the Versailles DVD will be out on NOV. 1 and will be broadcasted by Arte on DEC. 26, at 7PM.

Long video interview

with a lot of music both from the album and live!

September 18, 2012

Concert in Munich

I didn't know that there was a concert in Munich yesterday, not shown in neither schedules (?). Read the German review here.

One more Mission bonus track

CD 2 German deluxe retail bonus – Plattenladenwoche 2012
1. “Tra bellici carmi risvegliati” aus Niobe, regina di Tebe

September 12, 2012

Last clue online

Havn't cracked it yet...

September 11, 2012

Cecilia sings Steffani

Listen to a YouTube video, where Cecilia sings 'Amami e vederai', recorded in Luzern. Quite poor quality and cut, but at least a small foretaste of 'Mission'.

And another topic: In this (german) interview, Homoki says that Cecilia will sing in Zürich next season. :) I'm not sure whether this was clear already.

September 7, 2012

Clue No 7 online

Content: the trailer again. :/

September 6, 2012

Cecilia is ill

Gstaad is cancelled !

It's on the main page and the official site, too.
No word about Lucerne yet. They offer a free concert in Gstaad.

I hope, she will recover soon.
Sorry for all of you, who got there invain.

Mission in prelistening on iTunes

Preorders on iTunes are open: you can have a 30' preview of each track.

iTunes bonus tracks:

26. "Da le stragi" (Arminio)
27. "Volate" (La libertà contenta) duet with P.J.

September 2, 2012

Giulio Cesare on DVD

For those interested: looks like this year's «Giulio Cesare in Egitto» will be released on DVD quite soon. At least I've found preorders available in a Russian classical music store.
And the Andreas Scholl Society via tells us about a possible CD version of the opera.

August 17, 2012

Clue No 6 online

Webisode No 6

And this one really has great content !!!The TRAILER !

August 14, 2012

Clue 5 online

Webisode Nr. 5 :)

August 3, 2012

Decca gives up

- Germany only Deluxe edition: album + D. Leon novel
- Deluxe digital edition (iTunes) with bonus tracks
- Mission iPad app

July 31, 2012

July 29, 2012

MISSION Tracklist

1. "Schiere invitte, non tardate" (da Alarico il Baltha)
2. "Ogni core può sperar" (da Servio Tullio)
3. "Ove son? Chi m'aita? In mezzo all'ombre... Dal mio petto" (da Niobe)
4. "Più non v'ascondo" (da Tassilone)
5. "Amami, e vederai" (da Niobe)
6. "T'abbraccio, mia Diva/Ti stringo, mio Nume" (duetto da Niobe)
7. "Mie fide schiere, all'armi!... Suoni, tuoni, il suolo scuota"
8. "Sposa, mancar mi sento... Deh non far colle tue lagrime" (da Tassilone)
9. "Non prendo consiglio"
10. "Si, si, riposa, o caro... Palpitanti sfere belle" (da Alarico il Baltha)
11. "Notte amica al cieco Dio" (da La libertà contenta)
12. "Combatton quest'alma" (duetto da I trionfi del fato)
13. "A facile vittoria" (da Tassilone)
14. "Tra le guerre e le vittorie" (da Leonato)
15. "Foschi crepuscoli"
16. "Dell'alma stanca a raddolcir le tempre... Sfere amiche, or date al labbro" (da Niobe)
17. "La cerasta più terribile" (da La lotta d'Hercole con Acheloo)
18. "Serena, o mio bel sole... Mia fiamma/Mio ardore" (duetto da Niobe)
19. "Dal tuo labbro amor m'invita" (da Tassilone)
20. "Deh stancati, o sorte" (da La libertà contenta)
21. "Svenati, struggiti, combatti, suda" (da La libertà contenta)
22. "Padre, s'è colpa in lui"
23. "Timori, ruine"
24. "Morirò fra strazi e scempi" (da Henrico Leone)
25. "Non si parli che di fede"

More pics revealed

On you can see more pics -:)

New release date now seems to be october 2nd -:(...

July 26, 2012

Webisode n.3: the bonus you'll love the most up to now!

A lot to Listen to...!

Who's singing behind that door? Is Cecilia indeed?


July 21, 2012

"The wonderful music of a forgotten composer who led a secretive life"

Donna Leon
Himmlische Juwelen

Erscheint im Okt. 2012

»Als ich für mein neues Aufnahmeprojekt auf die wunderbare Musik eines längst vergessenen Komponisten stieß, der ein geheimnisumwittertes Leben führte, wusste ich sofort: Das ist ein Fall für Donna Leon.«
Cecilia Bartoli


Podiumsdiskussion mit Donna Leon und Cecilia Bartoli in Köln
DE-50667 Köln

Datum und Zeit
12. Oktober 2012, 18.00 Uhr

Veranstaltung in italienischer Sprache im Rahmen der lit.COLOGNE Spezial 2012.
Moderation: Stefanie Junker

Weitere Infos
Donna Leon
Himmlische Juwelen


Let's collect every our supposition about the new album here.

Sergei Belousov:
If the score seen on the second video is a real one, the aria's first words are «Ogni core può sperar». We can find them here. The given link suggests an aria of Tanaquil from the opera «Servio Tullio» by Agostino Steffani. The score of this aria may be found here (p. 25 of the book = p. 63 of the PDF), and it's identical (just transposed) to the one on the video.

Rainer #:
So far, my favourite guess is that the new album will be dedicated to the baroque composer and missionary Domenico Zipoli.

Gauss #:
I believe this new project will be dedicated to Giovanna D'arco. Giovanna <…> It would be an incredible idea to celebrate 600 years of her birth. Many baroque composers must have written some operas dedicated to Giovanna and the title" liaisons dangereuses" probably refers to the connection between the libaration of France and the church headed by Giovanna!!! It's an idea, isn't it?

July 16, 2012

The MISSION has begun!

Webisodes are linked in the video section

Release date: 15 october
other sources say September 21st.

July 4, 2012

Pictures of Ensemble Matheus with Cecilia in Bad Kissingen

You probably need to sign in Facebook, click.

June 14, 2012

Another video about 'Giulio Cesare'

--- Here I found another link of the video since the other one is broken ---

In German, by Euronews. With some scenes from the rehearsals. Look here. :-)

June 1, 2012

May 28, 2012

May 25, 2012

May 16, 2012

Look at this!

Interview with Cecilia by Austrian TV - with scenes from 'Giulio Cesare'! Look here!

May 15, 2012

4 Berlin concerts this year

One in October… and three in December with the Berliner Philharmoniker and Simon Rattle.

Looks like the “Liaisons” are…

||| Nothing for sure ||| Consider it rumours |||
||| Other ideas (French baroque etc.) welcome |||

Looks like the “Liaisons dangereuses” is Vivaldi2Gluck: Programm: "Liaisons Dangereuses", Arien von Vivaldi bis Gluck (source). Waiting for a more official confirmation.

April 26, 2012

Schubertiade with Oliver Widmer und Cecilia in Zurich

Posted for due venti. ;)

Schubertiade with Oliver Widmer and Cecilia Bartoli. Along with fellow singers and instrumental soloists from the ensemble of the Opera House Oliver Widmer invites to "Grosse Schubertiade". Sunday, 6 May 2012 at 11.15 in the Zurich Opera House.

For more information click here.

April 14, 2012

By chance, anybody interested in watching GC on Arte??? ;-)

Détail du programme

Date: dimanche 27 mai 2012

Heure: 20:40

Programme: Haendel: Jules César. Avec Cecilia Bartoli, Andreas Scholl... Giovanni Antonini, direction. En direct de Sanzbourg

En direct du Festival de la Pentecôte de Salzbourg

Jules César de Haendel
Mise en scène : Caurier et Leiser
Direction : Giovanni Antonini
Giulio Cesare, Roman Emperor : Andreas Scholl
Cleopatra, Queen of Egypt : Cecilia Bartoli
Cornelia, Pompeo's widow : Anne Sofie von Otter
Sesto, Pompeo's and Cornelia's son : Philippe Jaroussky
Tolomeo, King of Egypt, Cleopatra's brother : Christophe Dumaux
Nireno : Jochen Kowalski
Achilla, general, Tolomeo's advisor : Ruben Drole
Curio, Roman tribune : Peter Kálmán

On avait connu le festival de Pentecôte de Salzbourg sous la direction de Mortier puis de Muti, ce dernier développant une série de résurrections lyriques, derniers feux de l'opera seria et buffa, autour de l'opéra napolitain du XVIIIè.

En 2012, le festival s'écrit différemment grâce à la nomination de la mezzo romaine, Cecilia Bartoli. La diva affiche sa passion pour la figure de Cléopâtre: la reine égyptienne lagide règne sur l'Egypte en triomphant contre ses frères Ptolémée grâce à l'appui des romains: Jules César et Marc Antoine seront ses amants. La sirène éternelle suscite chez les compositeurs, plusieurs sommets musicaux. Pendant les 4 jours du week end de Pentecôte, du 25 au 28 mai 2012, la cité autrichienne, au bord de la Salz, affiche une sensualité antique, tapageuse et sensuelle, abordant, thématique générique de l'édition 2012, toutes les facettes d'une personnalité féminine envoûtante et légendaire.
C'est pour Haendel un défi outrageusement relevé Grace auquel le Saxon conquérant convainc l'audience londonienne: les airs de Cleopatre y sont nombreux, virtuoses, finement caractérisés, justes emotionnellement. Touts les grandes divas de notre époque, actrices autant cantatrices en ont souhaiter dévoiler les joyaux dramatiques et interprétatifs... Comme récemment Natalie Dessay bien peu à l'aise dans un rôle en effet plus qu'exigeant.

April 13, 2012

Look at this ;)

'Otello' as spy novel version. Stolen from Dr.B.

April 10, 2012

Interview of 'KlassikInfo' about Salzburg, Cleopatra, Zürich

Read here (in German again)

Shall I translate for anybody or is Google Translater sufficient? ;)

April 4, 2012

Cecilia is ill: Roma cancelled

Cecilia Bartoli - Concerto annullato

A causa di una forte laringite Cecilia Bartoli si vede purtroppo costretta ad annullare il concerto di Roma previsto per giovedì 5 aprile nell'ambito della stagione dell'Accademia di Santa Cecilia.

I biglietti potranno essere rimborsati entro il 15 aprile 2012 presso il Botteghino dell'Auditorium Parco della Musica. Gli abbonati alla Stagione da Camera potranno invece chiedere il cambio di biglietto per un altro concerto di stagione.

Info 06/8082058

L'artista è molto dispiaciuta di dover cancellare la sua unica data italiana di questa stagione e desidera comunque ringraziare e inviare un saluto affettuoso al pubblico che aveva già da giorni esaurito la Sala Santa Cecilia dell'Auditorium Parco della Musica.

March 23, 2012

Russian tour 2012

I finish this post with my review of the Kazan' concert (link below). Cecilia brought a whole week of pure joy to still winterly Russia. It has been a fantastic March.

After the Moscow concert
© Olga Minina
This post contains all the major information about the three Russian concerts we had in 2012.

Kazan'. Cecilia in ru: vàrezhki = en: mitten = de: Fausthandschuh = it: manopole = es: manoplas = fr: moufle

Video & Audio

March, 27 — Soirée Rossininenne in Kazàn'
  • My review in English.
  • Cecilia's day in Kazan': photos + one more photo.
  • Three encores: «Ti voglio tanto bene», «Canto negro» and «Non ti scordar di me».
  • «Rataplan» back to its normal speed (unlike Petersburg).
  • What was most strange: there was a local poet sitting on the scene all the time and read his translations of the songs before each number. Why didn't they just print it?..
  • A local blog post: «Yesterday Cecilia Bartoli was brought to tugan avyly» (translated by the author as the native aul :-D).

March, 24 — Sacrificium in Moscow
  • My review in English.
  • An IDEAL performance! Just incredible «Qual farfalla», prayer-like «Quel buon pastor son io» and sparkling «Nobil onda».
  • Four!!! encores. 1. Vivaldi's «Sovvente il sole»; 2. Handel's «M'adora l'idol mio»; 3. Handel's «Bel piacere, bel godere»; 4. Broschi's «Son qual nave» (da capo).
  • A blog post: «S. just came from Bartoli's concert. A thirty-some years old matron jumps all over the flat like a ninth former». (that is about 15 years old in Russia).

 March, 22 — Mozart and Rossini in Petersburg
  • Russian blogs are full of excited posts in the style «no words — emotions only».
  • Semiramide's cavatina was changed for Rosina's one. «Una voce poco fa» did not have the Malibran ending, but the energy of the piece was unimaginable.
  • Rataplan (the first encore) was sung at increased speed comparing to what I'm used to (half a minute faster than the version on the «Maria» album).
  • The second encore was «Non più mesta» again.

March 22, 2012

Cecilia about Carmen

Once again.

The Russian newspaper Izvestia (literally The Reports) has published Cecilia's new interview. Mostly it is all the usual «Who were castrati?» and «Why Cleopatra in Salzburg?», but at the same time the eternal question has been raised again:
— Carmen is not among the roles in your repertoire. Would you like to create a version of your own?
— I am working and researching. I am sure that «Carmen» is not a pseudo folk show à la flamenco, not an «Arena di Verona», not a mass event. It is the French charm, opéra comique. What is required from performers is lightness, sense of the style, skill to work with text and pronunciation; and the director should find a convincing performance conception.

Le Comte Ory at the Theater an der Wien

Cecilia will do a rerun of Le Comte in the Zürich production in Vienna in February 2013.
Lawrence Brownlee will join her. Very exciting...will we get an Otello with him in the main role in Vienna, too, in 2014????

March 20, 2012

Cecilia in Gergiev's press conference

On the 20th of March Cecilia Bartoli participated in the press conference held by the Mariinsky Theatre's head conductor Valery Gergiev.

Not much was said, but here are some interesting points:
  • Cecilia said: «Well, I've just arrived — and in a very peculiar way because I decided to take a ship. And I wanted to see the sea with all the ice… This is something for a Roman. I mean, we never have snow in Rome (well, last winter yes — for the first time in fifty years probably). And then, to come here: the ship crossing and cutting the ice… You know, this is a strong feeling. This is something very-very special»
    The voyage from Lübeck to Petersburg took about three days.
  • Cecilia promised to «definitely come back».
  • Gergiev expressed hope of future collaboration with Cecilia. He said it in connection with the «Russian» operas of the Settecento (actually those operas were composed by Italian composers such as Sarti, Cimarosa and Paisiello for Russia).

March 14, 2012

Win a monthly membership from, the site, that broadcasted Cecilia's Otello offered me a  little contest , in which you can win one of five monthly memberships. You have to send a mail with three answers to their questions to   .

The questions are:
1.) What was Cecilia Bartoli’s first passion before singing?
2.) What is the name of her album dedicated to castrati?
3.) Which role did she just sing in Zürich?

Good luck.
Klaus T.

March 12, 2012

Petersburg concert

Cecilia's official site confirmed her concert in Petersburg this month. The programme includes arias from operas by Mozart and Rossini what is an interesting deviation from the current concert «mainstream». And a return to Mozart sounds great, especially in the light of Gstaad concert with «Bartoli's classical repertoire».
Hopefully there will be reviews from the Russian «northern capital».

The vocal part of the programme:
  • Mozart 
    • Chi sà, chi sà, qual sia
    • Parto, parto, ma tu, ben mio*
    •  Exsultate, jubilate*
  • Rossini
    • Bel raggio lusinghier
    • Assisa a piè d'un salice
    • Nacqui all'affanno… Non più mesta
* — castrati repertoire ;-)

March 7, 2012

Return to Zürich !!

Cecilia told us confidently, that she will return to Zürich eventually, just not next season.

March 2, 2012

Otello broadcast

The site is going to broadcast «Otello» from March 8 to June 8 this year.

March 1, 2012

Program Cleopatra virtuosa

ANTONIO SARTORIO • Sinfonia from act I and sinfonia from act III from the opera Giulio Cesare in Egitto
ANTONIO SARTORIO • Aria of Cleopatra "Ho un’ alma che brilla" from the opera Giulio Cesare in Egitto
ANTONIO SARTORIO • Sinfonia from act II from the opera Giulio Cesare in Egitto
ANTONIO SARTORIO • Aria of Cleopatra "Quando voglio" from the opera Giulio Cesare in Egitto
DANIELE DA CASTROVILLARI • Lamento of Cleopatra "A Dio regni, a Dio spettri" from the opera La Cleopatre
CARL HEINRICH GRAUN • Sinfonia from the opera Cleopatre e Cesare
CARL HEINRICH GRAUN • Aria of Cleopatra "S’avvien che si posi" from the opera Cleopatra e Cesare
CARL HEINRICH GRAUN • Recitative and aria of Cleopatra "Certo è il mio fato … Ah, dirti non poss’io" from the opera Cleopatra e Cesare
CARL HEINRICH GRAUN • Aria of Cleopatra "Tra le procelle assorto" from the opera Cleopatra e Cesare
JOHANN ADOLPH HASSE • Sinfonia from the serenata Marc’Antonio e Cleopatra
JOHANN ADOLPH HASSE • Aria of Cleopatra "Un sol tuo sospiro" from the serenata Marc’Antonio e Cleopatra
JOHANN ADOLPH HASSE • Aria of Cleopatra "Morte col fiero aspetto" from the serenata Marc’Antonio e Cleopatra
JOHANN ADOLPH HASSE • Aria of Cleopatra "Quel candido armellino" from the serenata Marc’Antonio e Cleopatra
JOHANN ADOLPH HASSE • Recitative and aria of Cleopatra "Signor, la tua speranza … A Dio trono, impero a Dio" from the serenata Marc’Antonio e Cleopatra
GEORGE F. HANDEL • Sinfonia from the opera Giulio Cesare in Egitto
GEORGE F. HANDEL • Revised recitative and aria of Cleopatra "E pur così in un giorno … lo vò di duolo in duolo" from the opera Giulio Cesare in Egitto
GEORGE F. HANDEL • Aria of Cleopatra "Parolette, vezzi e sguardi" from the opera Giulio Cesare in Egitto
GEORGE F. HANDEL • Aria of Cleopatra "Tu, la mia stella sei" from the opera Giulio Cesare in Egitto
GEORGE F. HANDEL • Aria of Cleopatra "Troppo crudeli siete" from the opera Giulio Cesare in Egitto
GEORGE F. HANDEL • Aria of Cleopatra "Da tempeste" from the opera Giulio Cesare in Egitto

and isn't that a dangerous liaison ???????? 

Hasse's and Graun's rarities in Salzburg?

According to this article in Cecilia is not going to sing a «Handel heroines» concert, but another (and a very interesting one) — with a special programme which includes Hasse's cantata Marc Antonio e Cleopatra and arias from Grauns's opera Cleopatra e Cesare.
Hope it is true.

But no premiere or revival in Zürich in 2012/13


February 25, 2012

New Tour 2012/13 pretty sure -:)

Looking at the announcements from London, Amsterdam, Baden-Baden, it seems to become pretty sure, we will see Cecilia on the concert hall stages again soon, hopefully with a new program .
I opened up the schedule section for comments, so you can add newly advertised concerts there rather than creating  a new post. I'll check regularly and update the schedule.
No news from DECCA, not even the Giulio's in summer are on their schedule yet.

February 14, 2012

And here a video (Opernhaus TV)!

Otello ossia il Moro di Venezia

Attention: When you still go to a performance, you should consider not to watch this video. It reveals a lot. - Almost impossible to refrain, isn't it...?

February 13, 2012

Complete photo set

Here is the complete set on the website.

Some breathtaking ones  and we can only hope, there will be  a second run next season and a visual recording eventually.

February 9, 2012

First Otello

Tomorrow it will be the first «Otello» this season, but there're already photos:

And an article in German (page 6).

February 4, 2012

Salzburg question

The Salzburger Pfingstfestspiele site says that the Cleopatra virtuosa concert will include arias and instrumental pieces by Handel, Graun and Hasse. It resembles a Handel heroines concert, am I right?

January 30, 2012

Ticket for Otello March 3

Verena asked me to post this.

Eine Karte für Sa, 3. März 2012, 'Otello' in Zürich zu verkaufen: 1. Rang-Loge 10 li, Reihe 3 Platz 9 für 98 CHF;  bei Interesse bitte bei Verena ( melden.

January 18, 2012

Barbican - 15.11.2012 - BCO

Cecilia Bartoli 15 November 2012 / 19:30 Barbican Hall
Tickets: Tickets £25 – 85 subject to availability
Programme to be confirmed
Cecilia Bartoli mezzo-soprano
Kammerorchester Basel

January 6, 2012

Old Hypernews Forum

It seems, the old Cecilia Bartoli Hypernews Forum has gone for good. Whenever I try to open the site, nothing comes up.
Has anyone of you experienced the same in the, say, last three months (cause I've been away)? Should we remove the link from this Forum then?

January 3, 2012

And it IS true!

They did it last year! :)