January 6, 2012

Old Hypernews Forum

It seems, the old Cecilia Bartoli Hypernews Forum has gone for good. Whenever I try to open the site, nothing comes up.
Has anyone of you experienced the same in the, say, last three months (cause I've been away)? Should we remove the link from this Forum then?


  1. I can only confirm. It doesn't work for months now. You do have backups, don't you? Is it possible to make a link to it?


  2. I believe this happened before and someone contacted the Hypernews administrator. Could we do that again before pronouncing it dead?

  3. I didn't say, it's dead.I contacted the owner today -:).
    There was a total crash, but hopefully, everything will be up again soon.So all seems to be fine...

  4. Does anyone remember whether the Hypernews administrator gave a permission to upload a copy of Bartoli-forum to some other place?

    In any case it would be better to make only one tab above called «Hypernews forum» — and two links to the two parts of the old forum inside.

  5. As far as I remember, he is not against it really. As long, as it's coming up again and seems to be around the internet, I'm okay with it. I wonder, how many people really read it still.
    I took up your idea and now there is only one Hypernews Forum. Thank you -:).


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