March 22, 2012

Cecilia about Carmen

Once again.

The Russian newspaper Izvestia (literally The Reports) has published Cecilia's new interview. Mostly it is all the usual «Who were castrati?» and «Why Cleopatra in Salzburg?», but at the same time the eternal question has been raised again:
— Carmen is not among the roles in your repertoire. Would you like to create a version of your own?
— I am working and researching. I am sure that «Carmen» is not a pseudo folk show à la flamenco, not an «Arena di Verona», not a mass event. It is the French charm, opéra comique. What is required from performers is lightness, sense of the style, skill to work with text and pronunciation; and the director should find a convincing performance conception.


  1. Thank you, Sergei! These are very interesting news! Well, not really news, but... ;)

    1. That is something.
      But there will be reviews from all the three Russian capitals, and I will translate excerpts from them.


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