March 20, 2012

Cecilia in Gergiev's press conference

On the 20th of March Cecilia Bartoli participated in the press conference held by the Mariinsky Theatre's head conductor Valery Gergiev.

Not much was said, but here are some interesting points:
  • Cecilia said: «Well, I've just arrived — and in a very peculiar way because I decided to take a ship. And I wanted to see the sea with all the ice… This is something for a Roman. I mean, we never have snow in Rome (well, last winter yes — for the first time in fifty years probably). And then, to come here: the ship crossing and cutting the ice… You know, this is a strong feeling. This is something very-very special»
    The voyage from Lübeck to Petersburg took about three days.
  • Cecilia promised to «definitely come back».
  • Gergiev expressed hope of future collaboration with Cecilia. He said it in connection with the «Russian» operas of the Settecento (actually those operas were composed by Italian composers such as Sarti, Cimarosa and Paisiello for Russia).


  1. It's also on youtube :)

  2. Very nice outlooks -:). I've never been to St. Petersburg ....


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