March 1, 2012

Hasse's and Graun's rarities in Salzburg?

According to this article in Cecilia is not going to sing a «Handel heroines» concert, but another (and a very interesting one) — with a special programme which includes Hasse's cantata Marc Antonio e Cleopatra and arias from Grauns's opera Cleopatra e Cesare.
Hope it is true.


  1. Wonderful! Does anyone have a spare ticket for the concert ? I only got tickets for Giulio.

  2. And maybe even a third for another friend ? -:)

    1. Am I your friend, Klaus? As you know I want a ticket, too? Otherwise: a fourth ticket ...

    2. Cause I meant you -:).
      But I think, it's almost impossible, to get one especially now, cause this will be the premiere of the new program most likely.....


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