March 12, 2012

Petersburg concert

Cecilia's official site confirmed her concert in Petersburg this month. The programme includes arias from operas by Mozart and Rossini what is an interesting deviation from the current concert «mainstream». And a return to Mozart sounds great, especially in the light of Gstaad concert with «Bartoli's classical repertoire».
Hopefully there will be reviews from the Russian «northern capital».

The vocal part of the programme:
  • Mozart 
    • Chi sà, chi sà, qual sia
    • Parto, parto, ma tu, ben mio*
    •  Exsultate, jubilate*
  • Rossini
    • Bel raggio lusinghier
    • Assisa a piè d'un salice
    • Nacqui all'affanno… Non più mesta
* — castrati repertoire ;-)

1 comment:

  1. It was about time, DECCA put Rome into the schedule. Where is Salzburg part II ??


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