July 21, 2012


Let's collect every our supposition about the new album here.

Sergei Belousov:
If the score seen on the second video is a real one, the aria's first words are «Ogni core può sperar». We can find them here. The given link suggests an aria of Tanaquil from the opera «Servio Tullio» by Agostino Steffani. The score of this aria may be found here (p. 25 of the book = p. 63 of the PDF), and it's identical (just transposed) to the one on the video.

Rainer #:
So far, my favourite guess is that the new album will be dedicated to the baroque composer and missionary Domenico Zipoli.

Gauss #:
I believe this new project will be dedicated to Giovanna D'arco. Giovanna <…> It would be an incredible idea to celebrate 600 years of her birth. Many baroque composers must have written some operas dedicated to Giovanna and the title" liaisons dangereuses" probably refers to the connection between the libaration of France and the church headed by Giovanna!!! It's an idea, isn't it?


  1. I would say that Sergei is right!!!
    It makes more sense because Zipoli has written just one opera and Steffani has written twelve ;)
    I hope it is Steffani!!

  2. Welcome back from your vacation :)
    I think, it's Not going to be ONE composer but a mixture of several....just guessing and still puzzled about the "Mission" "Liaisons dangereuses" twist.

    1. It looks like IT IS a monographic album... Cecilia herself confirmed it in her comment to Donna Leon's book. And it seems Sergei did the rest. :-)

  3. Sergei-Holmes, are you a musician (or a detective;)?It seems that you're right! page 25

    1. if every non-musician knew the music as much as Sergei, the world would be a better place to live in.

  4. No, I'm not a musician. Just an attentive person.
    It's page 25 of the book and page 63 of the PDF file.

  5. Et pour les influences française, vive Wikipédia :

    "...Steffani a intégré des éléments de la musique française et aussi allemande dans la musique italienne..."

  6. http://radionacional.com.ar/vivo/2-clasica-967.html
    Would you like to listen now "Othello"?

  7. You guys are really good. Wikipedia says that Domenico Zipoli wrote an opera that they call the "Mission opera." Cecilia's outfit in photo suggests the priesthood. Diego Fasolis specializes in religious music of the Baroque. So an opera about a saint seems a definite possibility, but it's hard to argue with Sergei.
    Steffani appears in one of my composer lists and was not that unknown. He worked at the Hamburg opera and did not have a religious calling.
    I'm just saying.

  8. Steffani était évêque auxiliaire italien.

  9. Yes, okay, I agree, she mentioned ONE composer, but she loves to mix to put the composer into a historical background.

  10. Webisodes linked in the Video section.

  11. I feel like in a movie.....guys, this is all way too easy .....she never gave hints like this before...

  12. But this remarkable man is not only famous for his musical talents. Being ordained priest, probably about 1680, the Holy See made him Prothonotary Apostolic for North Germany, and in recognition of his services for the cause of Catholicism in Hanover, the Holy Father appointed him Bishop of Spiga (the ancient Cyzicus), in Asia Minor. When in 1712 a new church had been built at Brunswick by the Duke Anton Ulrich who had become a Catholic, the pope sent Bishop Steffani, "Vicario Apostolico delle Missioni Settentrionali," to perform the consecration and opening service of the new building. But if he was held in such esteem by the ecclesiastical authorities, he was also the confidant and ambassador of temporal princes. A delicate mission was entrusted to him at the various German courts in 1696, and in 1698 at the court in Brussels, for which office he was singularly fitted by his gentle and prudent manners. His merits as a musician were solemnly recognized in London by the Academy of Ancient Music electing him its honorary president for life (1724).

  13. I also tend to think this will be a mix of composers (otherwise the name of the only composer would have been written on the cover).
    Zipoli sounds possible too.

    Any more ideas?

  14. Oui, je pense aussi à un assemblage de compositeurs opposés en quelque chose et dont la rencontre sur un seul CD peut sembler bizarre d'où le titre "Liaisons Dangereuses". Le photo "Mission" n'étant là que pour nous inciter à mener l'enquète...

  15. I think it could be Agostino Steffani and I certainly think it is about one composer only, because it says it is about a forgotten composer who led a secret life.
    Wikipedia Germany says he was a priest and did 'secret diplomatic MISSIONS' (they use that word) for his master Kurfürst Max Emanuel concerning the wedding plans of the latter.
    That could explain the Liasons Dangereuses.

    Wikipeda english says he was an inferior composer of vocal music and not at the same standart as Scarlatti.

    Bartoli has twice before concentrated on 'inferior' composer and in both cases I thought she had not done so well.
    Salieri who is clearly not that great and Gluck before his prime.
    Her two weakest CD in my opinion, because of the lesser quality of the music.

    So let's hope she is 'discovering' someone first rate, like Scarlatti or Händel even? :-))


  16. The third clue is nline and you can hear the first minute of "Ogni core può sperar".
    So the composer is Steffani!!
    Excited about the upcoming clues :)

  17. I still wonder, why Cecilia is giving away so much....by now, with a little Wikipedia and some smart guys, the mistery seems to be solved 2 months in advance. But then again, there are still 5 clues to come up.


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