August 17, 2012

Clue No 6 online

Webisode No 6

And this one really has great content !!!The TRAILER !


  1. It would be just wonderful! I'm so impatient (I'm 15).

  2. So fast the next one, wow!

    This is great music, she did it again. :)

  3. IN FAIRNESS, Ms. BARTOLI ... The other forum presentations "DID - indeed[!] - HAVE MUCH CONTENT", IMHO! ;-)

  4. What I meant: I think, especially the last two webisodes really have content, that makes us fans longing for more...the first four were a lot of fun (plus we got the beautiful Ogni core), now we get to the real interesting stuff -:) and will see more and maybe a complete track??..........

  5. Trailer contains fragment from a love letter in Polish.I'll try to translate:"...intolerable,intrusive,not very brave,added to which perhaps naive like a child.Yes,I admit deep down,I'm shy,because write You a letter,I intended several times.But I was afraid to send,though..."
    ( Written on page from the exercise book in line;))
    A letter written by Steffani?
    Why in Polish ?

  6. "And he looked strikingly like me."


    More music!:)


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