September 6, 2012

Mission in prelistening on iTunes

Preorders on iTunes are open: you can have a 30' preview of each track.

iTunes bonus tracks:

26. "Da le stragi" (Arminio)
27. "Volate" (La libertà contenta) duet with P.J.


  1. Wow! Sublime!! Looking so much forward to it!! Thank you, Renato!!

  2. It's too early to say something profound but I am not sure the album is just what I expected.
    In quality of the composer mainly.

    It seems to me that almost most of the greatest pieces we've heard glimpses already in the trailer etc.

    The rest doesn't seem to be quite as good.

    And I don't know if it is actualy a good sign that if you hear 4 arias you wouldn't know they are from the same Donna Leon puts it.

    Let's see but Stefani may not be the genius they want him to be...but perhaps if I hear the whole thing I might judge differently.

  3. Well, you said yourself, it's too early to judge. So don't. 30 to 90 seconds of an aria taken out of the context is hardly good enough to give more than a hint on a composer's quality. Some arias sound like taken out of "Opera proibita", I like the intricate orchestration and Cecilia gives me quite some goosebumps already. I can't wait to get the big picture, the CD :).


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