September 18, 2012

One more Mission bonus track

CD 2 German deluxe retail bonus – Plattenladenwoche 2012
1. “Tra bellici carmi risvegliati” aus Niobe, regina di Tebe


  1. Mais pourquoi seule l'édition allemande à droit à des bonus ??? Moi je l'ai commandé en Allemagne pour tout avoir...

  2. And I think it's unfair that there're bonus tracks for the iTunes users only, but that's what Decca's managers, producers and promoters have decided to do.

  3. The bonus tracks are also available to download from the Amazon sites so it not exclusive for iTunes users.
    Most probably these bonus tracks are available elsewhere too (I haven't checked though).

    And as a fact the iTunes price is higher!!

  4. Well, that's better. (Although in Russia it's not possible to download anything from the Amazon, so for me it's all the same).

  5. Actually, it's not available at or is it at itunes -:(, but two others are available at itunes: "Da le stragi" and "Volate"

  6. But look here


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