September 27, 2012

The mystery of Track No 7

Track No 7 on the Mission CD looks like a double track : Mie fide schiere, all'armi from I trionfi del fato sung by Iarba and Suoni,tuoni, il suolo scuota from Arminio sung by Erta.
BUT: they share the choir's text, which seems to belong to I trionfi, at least on the paper...????

Does anyone have an idea about this?


  1. It is easy to think that Cecilia did something highly unusual here, mixing 2 different operas in one aria, but it was Steffani himself who did this. He was composing "Arminio"* but ran out of time in a busy period (composing wasn't his main occupation, you know) and used previous arias from other operas for half the score of "Arminio", so introduced also I trionfo del fato into Arminio.
    This is explained in the book "Polymath of the Baroque: Agostino Steffani and his music", page 241.

  2. Ton (van der Velden)October 3, 2012 at 12:37 PM

    P.S. the mentioned book (Colin Timms) costs "only" 95 Euro in Holland (2nd hand), much more expensive in Britain (around 150 Euro). I find the availabkle info about Steffani and his music much too limited so needed this book.

  3. Thank you very much for this interesting explanation, Ton.

  4. Thanks indeed for the explanation. The booklet of the CD is very interesting but there is nothing on the operas (at least the year and circumstances of creation, something on the plot...)

  5. Yes, I also greatly miss background info in the CD booklet.
    Now I have this book for that but it is quite expensive.
    But it is amazing how much info one finds by googling.


    1. I have to add that the expensive book about Steffani does not contain any synopsis of his 16 operas, just some "case studies", so not really useful to know about the contents of his operas. Useful to know about his life though.

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