October 5, 2012

Cecilia online on Dutch radio (interview in English)

This whole week Dutch Radio 4 had every day parts of an interview in English with Cecilia and each day 2 arias, one from the new CD and one from other concerts, like the opera Giulio Cesare (on Thursday).
This can still be found and heard at http://www.muziekwijzer.nl  , then the day on the left (1 to 5 Oktober)
and then click on the arrow in the grey field towards the bottom.
Of course a lot of Dutch talking but if you're patient you will hear Cecilia talk and sing.
I followed it with great interest.
For Dutch fans, "Trouw" had today a great and long CD review, totally different than the miserable Volkskrant review of Wednesday, not to mention Telegraaf.
And the classical magazine "Luister" has a wonderful  5-page article/interview this month.
And the TV programme "Nieuwsuur" had a 6-minute programme about the new CD with interviews with Cecilia and Donna Leon in that castle near Munich.



  1. Look at: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UnqWmenLDWY

  2. Thanks for this link, it´s wonderful to hear and see what this intelligent woman are up to :)

  3. Interview in Polish :) http://www.polskieradio.pl/8/192/Artykul/690028,Bartoli-Steffani-to-przeciez-geniusz-to-mlody-Handel Wywiad z Cecylią w polskiej radiowej "dwójce"

  4. More videos: VERY NICE


  5. Interview in English on NPR


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