October 5, 2012

If you like to hear a complete Steffani opera, read on..

Hearing these short arias made me (of course) very curious to hear  a complete Steffani opera.
Well, that is possible fairly cheaply.
Two years ago Hengelbrock and his ensemble performed in the Royal Opera House Covent Garden in "Niobe". This was broadcast on BBC Radio 3, with lots of commentary and interviews and this has been distributed on 3 CDs (rather amateuristic but good recording quality) by http://www.premiereopera.com . Google Niobe Premiereopera.
I ordered it (from USA) and could pay by PayPal. Only about 25 $, well worth it.
The Niobe role is by Veronique Gens, who thinks Niobe fully deserved her death.
I really loved the ouverture and the last 2 tracks on 3rd CD, the finale especially (by Creonte, when he has taken over power).
I can't stop playing them and really hope the ouverture will be in the Cecillia concerts programme.
The CD cover only has title and performers. It comes just in plastic covers, not a box.
By googling you should find more info and reviews of this opera performance.
I have a feeling that Cecilia was there and that it started her research (for which she had to be in London anyway).



  1. Here you can listen in full to Niobe, Regina di Tebe (from 2011 Boston Early Music Festival with Philippe Jaroussky in the role of Anfione)


  2. Cecilia ici en espagnol, je pense : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=el99LS8Rh5Q

  3. Thanks Dominique for this link :)

  4. Cecilia sera l'invitée d'Olivier Belllamy dans Passion Classique le Mercredi 17 Octobre de 18 à 19h.

  5. Cecilia dans le Figaro ici : http://www.lefigaro.fr/musique/2012/10/12/03006-20121012ARTFIG00480-cecilia-bartoli-chanteuse-barock.php


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