October 26, 2012

Program for Mission concerts a little revised

© Klaus T.

Cecilia triumphed in Leipzig yesterday. Despite the rest of her heavy cold, she and the wonderful I Barocchisti with their energetic leader Diego Fasolis graced us with 5 encores.

Like she did in Nuremberg already, the program has changed a little from the originally published on the Barbican site.
Fasolis will, indeed, join the KOB in London on the harpsichord and as a leader, to warm them up -:).

Ouverture to Henrico Leone (1689)

'Schiere invitte' from Alarico il Baltha (1687)

'Sposa, mancar mi sento… Deh, non far colle tue lagrime' from Tassilone (1709)

'Non prendo consiglio' from La superbia d’Alessandro (1690)

Ouverture to La libertá contenta

'Amami, e vederai' from Niobe, regina di Tebe (1688)

Ouverture to I trionfo del fato (1695)

'Sì, sì, riposa o caro… Palpitanti sfere belle' from Alarico il Baltha

'Notte amica al cieco dio' from La libertà contenta (1693)

'Più non v’ascondo' from Tassilone

'A facile vittoria' from Tassilone


Sinfonia avanti Marco Aurelio

I'Foschi crepuscoli' from La libertà contenta

Luci ingrate from La superbia d'Alessandro

'Morirò fra strazi e scempi' from Henrico Leone

'Dal tuo labbro amor v’invita' from Tassilone

Ouverture to Orlando generoso (1691)

'Ove son?… Dal mio petto' from Niobe, regina di Tebe

'Aires pour les nymphes de la rivière' from La lotta d’Hercole con Acheloo (1689)

'Dell’alma stanca… Sfere amiche' from Niobe, regina di Tebe

'Mie fide schiere, all’armi' from I trionfi del fato'Suoni, tuoni, il suolo scuota' from Arminio (1707)



  1. So, the new aria is «Luci ingrate».
    What were the encores?

  2. Yes Im dying to know the encores :P So there is one new aria, but they didn't cut one?

  3. Thank you for the beautiful photo!

  4. Luci ingrate is more an arioso than a aria , that section flows into each other, you'll hear it eventually, I guess.

    The encores were:
    M'adoro l'idol mio
    Destero dall'empia dite
    Lascia la spina
    Piu non v'ascondo repetition
    A facile vittoria repetition with incredible embellishments and a funny ending

    1. It's very generous of her to sing these five encores.

    2. Very, very generous. The last one was given after Fasolis cheered the audience, to cheer Cecilia ....-:).

  5. M'adore l'idol mio and Destore dall'empia dite again.... I wish she sang Disseratevi a porte d'averno. That would be a dream come out haha.

    What do you mean with Piu non v'ascondo repetition?

  6. Mh, well, these are fantastic arias, the time for Disserratevi is over...haha, but actually, it would be a perfect fit to A facile vittoria -)....

    The other arias, she sang already in the main part.So, a repetition -:).

    1. Oh I thought the other repetition, as in practising work :P I think its weird to sing aria's two times. Svenati Struggiti Combatti as encore would have maked more sense. But oh well, its going to be amazing. Ill film the encores fur sure!

  7. All the encores I've seen in Italy were repetitions.


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