November 5, 2012

Almost 15 minutes interview with Cecilia and Donna Leon

Look here. In English. Parts of it are already known.


  1. Leon looks and acts so tense...and dead.Bartoli doens't seem too happy...and the interviewer is a mess.


  2. same's also incredible and rude that nobody at Echo Klassik mentionned she was ill and regret her absence ! Alexandre

    1. They did mention her in the beginning - at least for the live audience in the hall. A pity that this wasn't transmitted on TV.

  3. I find her somehow scary and rude sometimes. The absolute contrary of Cecilia, who's so vivid and polite! Opposites attract? Hm..

  4. Sound is gone after around 7.30 minutes -:(....but as far as I can tell, the interviewer is lame, Leon is not convincing me a single second, but Cecilia is radiant as always -:) but seems to be irritated (by the interviewer, the pace? ) indeed.


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