November 25, 2012

Cecilia on Dutch TV

Watch Cecilia on the Dutch show 'Pauw en Witteman'
And here she sings 'Più non v'ascondo' with some musicians of the kammerorchsterbasel.

To the Dutch fans and those who traveled to Amsterdam: Have fun tonight!



  1. Well, thank you, its nice and almost warm here. Last time, I was here, Amsterdam was in a blizzard.

  2. What's wrong with these interviewers? They throw a few strange looks as if she were an alien. Cecilia always full of life, joy and passion and many of these interviewers seem dead and not realize it. sometimes must be very hard for cecilia need to come across so stupid and empty question...

    1. Today a Dutch newspaper had a letter from someone saying Pauw and Witteman should finish their programme as the formula is dead. Nothing surprising, they are always the same.
      In this item with Cecilia the great thing was the presence of Jan-Willem de Vriend, an enthusiastic conductor who spoke highly of Cecilia (but Cecilia sitting next to him, hearing him talk about her). Better this than nothing.
      But seems Cecilia is no longer available for her fans after concerts as that was always possible in Amsterdam and now not at all for the second time in a row. May be she found it too risky for her health but for me it's an end to a great tradition.

    2. @ Ton: Zou je het link van de ingezonden brief hier kunnen neerzetten ? Bedankt !


    3. Sjoukje,
      Die ingezonden brief staat in De Volkskrant van 26 november.
      Kan ik hier niet plaatsen maar wel scannen.
      Mijn email is

  3. I was lucky enough to be in the audience in Pauw en Witteman. When she performed Piun non v'ascondo, she was standing like only 1 meter from me. There was no one between us, so it feeled like a private concert haha. It was so special.

    Ive also been to her concert in AMsterdam, wich was amazing too (I didn't expect otherwise) Ive filmed some things, but in most of the vids Cecilia can't be seen, only in 3 vids. Ill post them on youtube soon.

    The only thing Im a bit dissapointed in is the bluray edition of Mission. It is fun, yes, but they could have done so much more. In most aria's Cecilia is performing like she does in live concerts. But this is playbacked, so they could be much more creative. Now its just like a concert, but without audience and playbacked. I hope they won't do something like this anymore. Just give us live concerts on dvd and blu-ray Cecilia, for they are really special :)

    1. Of course they are, but she did it twice already, so expect another one :-)
      What I saw yet is visually stunning.

    2. I love the blu-ray, even though playbacked.
      OK, live is nicer, but this is a FILM about Steffani, not Cecilia. It took a week to film it in June and the darkness in most shots makes it clear they always had to wait till the palace was closed. The singing could hardly have been done live in these circumstances or it would not have sounded very nice acoustically.
      To me it does not distract. It is just a pity that the 2 bravoure arias with trumpets are not in there, but as a bonus we get a new Steffani aria.
      I hope for a new concert DVD, like in Barcelona but these are rare. Cecilia was supposed to have done one in Amsterdam a few years ago but did not happen for reasons we should only respect. This film was shot in Versailles palace, my favourite one in the world so extra special and marvelous for me.

  4. You already have the DVD? In Germany it comes out only on November 30.

    Lucky you that you could attend the show! I cannot understand either how people can listen to her without smiling and being enraptured by her. But that'd say any true fan.

    Thanks for sharing your videos on YouTube! :)

  5. Yes, in the Netherlands also the 30th, but there was one dutch site wich said the release date was the 23th, so I ordered the blu-ray there :D

    I can't understand that either Charlotte. You can only see my back, but I was sitting there with the biggest smile ever and it felt unreal, Cecilia singing so close to me!

    And your welcome, ill post all the vids Ive filmed, but remember: Cecilia can only be seen in three of them ;)

    1. You lukcy people, who have the change to see Cecilia Bartoli live. She is always so joyfull and I agree about those too that are questioner, they dont look very happy. Cecelia wondwrful as always and her new Mission project is amazing....I at least love it..:-)

    2. Thanks enormously, Spencer, for your videos of the encores !!
      Especially great as I am in them !
      I sat right in front of you (with glasses, grey hair, red suit).
      At end of Destero dell'empia dite Cecilia gave some of my white-yellow roses to other orchestra ladies.
      Pity I had not thought of a separate bunch of roses for all of them. Nice is that she always knows my name (and that of hundreds of fans).

      Solveig, if you like, please write me. I love Iceland and am big fan of Cecilia for 13 years.


    3. Thank you for the recordings!
      There're already three of them, hope for more — at least to listen to.

  6. Hallo Ton, ben blij dat je van mijn videos kan genieten. Mijn vader en ik zaten dus achter je en genoten van jouw enthousiasme. Je was altijd de eerste die stond te klappen! Cecilia was vast heel blij met je :)


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