February 25, 2013

New programme in November with Haydn, Mozart, Beethoven, Gluck

Cecilia will do a tour in November/may be December with Kammerorchester Basel with music of Haydn, Mozart, Beethoven and Gluck.
 I just heard on 22 November in Amsterdam. This is about the Prague concert:


  1. Ohhh I will be so happy if she is going to AMsterdam again this year!

    1. So this is going to be at least the 3rd concert of the series (after Prague and Dresden).

  2. Yes, Amsterdam on 22 November BUT till 1 June only subscription holders can order. So one needs to order and pay a serie of 3 concerts for at least 227 Euro. "Losse kaarten" from 1 June but then may be just a few seats on row 2 left and on stage.
    See http://www.concertgebouw.nl/series-13-14/vocaal-in-de-grote-zaal?path=

  3. Very interesting.
    Now it really seems to be a tour between Norma and Alcina without Mission even.Let's wait for the announcement of the new season in different venues.
    I wonder, what the program will be....


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