March 4, 2013

Mission with 4 singers

The Mission concert in Versailles is going to be something different from what we've heard so far:
  • Cecilia Bartoli, Mezzo soprano
    Franco Fagioli, Contre-ténor
    Julian Prégardien, Ténor
    Salvatore Vitale, Basse
  • Choeur de la Radio et Télévision Suisse Italienne
  • Orchestre I Barocchisti
  • Diego Fasolis, direction

So maybe Daniel Behle was contributing something to the Mission? ;-)


  1. Very interesting! I found something else about the Norma recording. This is an article about John Osborn. It says the release is expected to be in Spring:

    He recorded Pollione in NORMA with the Scintilla Orchestra, along with a star-studded cast including Cecilia Bartoli in the title role, Michele Pertusi as Oroveso, and Sumi Jo as Adalgisa. Release is expected around the spring of 2013 in conjunction with a new production by Moshe Leiser and Patrice Cournier at the Whitsun Festival in Salzburg, Austria.

    The article:

  2. Indeed interesting!

    The Norma news sound plausible, looking forward to it! :)

  3. It will be a "sacred Mission": Cecilia recorded Steffani Stabat Mater.

    1. To be launched in Versailles in the Chapelle Royale on June 16th ?

      First part of the concert in the opéra royal, then the second part of the concert is to take place in the Chapelle Royale.

  4. Oh yes, right you are, of course the Stabat Mater! Beautiful! :)


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