April 17, 2013

Article/interview about Norma on "il Corriere della Sera" (7.4.2013)

Here's the article on the "Corriere della Sera"mentioned by GraMilano.


"The priestess won't be a goddess or a heroine of a greek tragedy, but a real woman [...] a woman from the south, ready to defy gods and men to gain Pollione's love. [...] She will be like a she-wolf (as intended by Giovanni Verga in his novel "La Lupa"), like Anna Magnani. An image of flaming sensuality that I took as a model even in the look: loose and messy hair, tight black dress, provocatively low-necked... Like the neo-realist setting, a tribute to Rossellini conceived by Patrice Caurier. A "black and white" show."

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