April 15, 2013

The additional Norma pics

Just to add some pictures to the forum and maybe not everyone has seen the new Norma pics of Cecilia:
 copyright DECCA



  1. And the album will be in the usual book style (which is very elegant but IMHO rather easy for the disc to get damaged...)


    1. Yes, I agree with the discs. The very first thing, I do now for many, many years and releases, is, to take the discs out and put them in a jewel case not to be damaged and sitting next to the books on the shelf.
      But I like the book style very much otherwise.

    2. I've never had any problems with «cdbooks». So I like them so to say unconditionally.

    3. No tiny scratches on the CD's????

    4. Of course there're scratches, but I've never called it «to be damaged» :-)

  2. The older way was the best: a separate box for the CD's, so no to be damaged; a complete libretto-book and a slipcase to put both in...but only small labels do still that way...


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