May 13, 2013

Exclusive album stream - NOT ACTIVE ANYMORE

Do it or wait till the CD ???    Your choice.......


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    1. -:)......just listen to Casta Diva and you know, this is not going to be the usual Norma -:).

  2. This is wonderful! Thank You very much! You have made my Monday much better:)

  3. Thank you for this discovery and sharing the link!

  4. Thank you! I am listening to it and I am fascinated. But since the cd "Maria Malibran" and the concert performance at Dortmund we have already an idea of Cecilia interpretating Norma ...

    What do you mean by "Do it ..."? I ordered already the cd.

    See you in Salzburg!

  5. Well, I meant: click on it and listen to it on the PC or wait for the CD, to really enjoy it with a good HiFi -:).
    But this one is different. There are so many embellishments and also changes in the repetitions.

  6. I can't stop listening it! Sometimes Cecilia sounds like a tenor! So many colors in her incredible voice! OMG, I never heard Norma sang like this!Cecilia surpassed herself! So proud of her :)

  7. Tracklist:

    1/1 Norma - Critical Edition by Maurizio Biondi and Riccardo Minasi
    1 Sinfonia
    1 Scene 1
    2 Introduzione
    4 "Meco all’altar di Venere "
    5 "Me protegge, me difende "
    6 "Norma viene"
    7 "Sediziose voci, voci di guerra"
    8 "Casta Diva"
    9 "Fine al rito"
    10 "Ah! bello a me ritorna"
    11 "Sgombra è la sacra selva, compiuto il rito"
    12 "Deh! proteggimi, o Dio!"
    13 "Eccola! va, mi lascia, ragion non odo"
    14 "Va, crudele, al Dio spietato"
    Act 1 Scene 2
    15 "Vanne, e li cela entrambi"
    16 "Adalgisa!"
    17 "Oh! rimembranza!"
    18 "Ah! sì, fa core, e abbracciami"
    19 "Ma di’... l’amato giovane quale fra noi si noma?"..."Oh non tremare "
    20 "Oh! di qual sei tu vittima ".."Oh! qual traspare orribile".."Norma! de’ tuoi rimproveri"
    21 "Perfido! - Or basti...Vanne, sì: mi lascia, indegno "

    Act 2 Scene 1
    1 Scena – Introduzione - "Dormono entrambi"
    2 "Mi chiami, o Norma!"
    3 "Deh! con te, con te li prendi"
    4 "Mira, o Norma"
    5 "Si, fino all’ore estreme"

    Act 2 Scene 2
    6 "Non parti?"
    7 "Guerrieri! a voi venirne"
    8 "Ah! del Tebro al giogo indegno fremo io pure"

    Act 2 Scene 3
    9 "Ei tornerà"
    10 "Squilla il bronzo del Dio!"
    11 "Guerra, guerra!"
    12 "Né compi il rito, o Norma?"
    13 "In mia man alfin tu sei".."Già mi pasco ne’ tuoi sguardi" 14 "Dammi quel ferro"
    15 "Qual cor tradisti, qual cor perdesti"
    16 "Norma! deh! Norma, scolpati!"
    17 "Deh non volerli vittime"


    Cheers from Chile!

  8. I agree with you, Cecilia is fantastic, and she sound so powerful, she is like a good vine, get better with the age ;)

  9. And I can tell you, the live performance is absolutely spectacular. The production is very filmlike, the cast perfect. It's big opera still but performed in a haunting and deeply felt and extremely intimate way. At times it feels like a drama on a small stage, like they were singing and acting just for you and you get a deep look into their psyches. This is Norma, like it has never been performed for many,many decades.
    A personal triumph for Cecilia but also one for the whole team.


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