June 6, 2013

Program of the Viennese Classics concerts........has been removed

from  the website of the Kammerorchester Basel, it  consisted of Mozart, Haydn and Beethoven....
Interesting is, that the Prag website stated, it would be  a brand new program.
Anyway.This is, how it was announced :

Ludwig van Beethoven
"Ah Perfido" Szene und Arie für Sopran und Orchester op. 65

Joseph Haydn

»Berenice, che fai« Kantate für Sopran und Orchester

"Al tuo seno fortunato" Arie des Genio aus "Orfeo ed Euridici"

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

 "Bella mia fiamma.....Resta, o cara", KV 528 (1787)

"Ah, lo previdi!...Ah, t`invola......Deh, non Vacar", KV 272

"Exsultate Jubilate", KV 165 (18a)

So maybe it will change again??


  1. Oh I love this!!! This makes me so happy!

    Especially the two Haydn pieces and Exsultate Jubilate! Oh I can't wait! I hope I can record some of the pieces at the concert!! :D

  2. It may be called a brand new programme consisting of «brand familiar» arias.

    1. I was right... She will sing "Al tuo seno". But, which way in..? As well as before?

  3. She has chosen the most difficult and demanding concert arias!

  4. On the Prague website they say "a brand new JOURNEY"!?!

    Although I agree with Gauss I am a bit disappointed in case Cecilia really won't sing any of the Italian Gluck arias. I hope she will at least choose my favourite aria "Se mai senti spirarti sul volto" for an encore ... I asked her in Bremen whether she will sing this aria - she reacted a bit astonished. I try to ask her in Bad Kissingen how Gluck who is announced within the programm "Viennese Classic" generally will be performed.

  5. Hi Christiane, did you hear some news in Bad Kissingen ?


    1. No, Benedict, unfortunately there was no autogram-"hour" and Cecilia didn't want to have any contact with her fans at the artist#s entrance - what we respected, of course.

  6. What a pity - thank you for the info ! Benedict

  7. Oh no, I think there is a small chance it can get better than this.


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