June 2, 2013

Radio portrait and article

Enjoy a radio portrait of Cecilia, almost half an hour. It's Germain, some of Cecilia's answers in English can be listened to without simultaneous translation. Very nice one. :)

And here an article of German newspaper 'Die Welt'. In the end the interviewer asks her, whether she considers to stage operas just as Villanzon does. She answers, laughing, 'No, no, no, no, much to complicated!' And the journalist ends with the sentence: 'As if singing on Bartoli level was as easy as it sounds with her.'


  1. Wonderful, a treasure -:):

  2. I have to add something, for the non-Germain-speaking fans: in the radio portrait she talks about 'Casta diva', which is a prayer, as we all know. In her interpretation, Norma is first of all a woman, a victim of her love. She doesn't consider herself to be as strong as her people thinks she is (22:48). And so the big prayer, Casta diva, becomes somehow a lie, because she acts strategically, she knows, she should tell her people to fight, but because of her two children and her love to Pollione, she influences them in using the prayer.

    In the performance in Salzburg, she showed this development with one little gesture: She takes her father's hand.

    It's fascinating!

    1. Many thanks Charlotte. This is most interesting. I felt it that way when listening to Casta Diva in the Norma CD, and your words confirm the feeling I had.

    2. Norma taking her fathers hand is,like so many tiny and profoundly human gestures the core of this production and explains, why people immediately were drawn to this Norma so much. For me it's among the greatest and most emotional hours, I spent with opera. It's in my personal Olymp next to Sellar's Glyndebourne Theodora.
      This is, what opera is meant to be: touching you so deeply and being glued to each note of this incredible story.
      This was a night to remember and I saw the difference in people's faces.

    3. Beautiful, nicely said Didymus. Thank you and see you soon in Versailles.

  3. This is a wonderful interview. Thank you.

  4. It's nice to read what you write Ditymus, and I my self can imagine how arresting this show must have been. Can we say that Cecilia Bartoli has won a great victory and shown once again how great artist she is, not only as a singer also as marvellous actress. Bravo Cecilia :)


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