September 21, 2013

Handel Heroines in Moscow (and the Cleopatra discussion)

Mi mancano le parole…
There are no words to describe the concert. It was one of the most wonderful impressions one can only imagine. The programme was just a bit different from the past seasons: there was no «Da tempeste», and «V'adoro, pupille» was replaced by «Lascia la spina» (is Il Piacere a heroine? ;-)
Naturally Alcina's magnificent aria «Ah! mio cor» became the climax of the evening; a very touching and moving performance.

Cecilia was most generous to sing four encores:
  1. «Amami, e vederai» by Agostino Steffani;
  2. «A facile vittoria» by Steffani too (with a great trumpet player);
  3. «O sleep» from Handel's «Semele»;
  4. and the da capo from «DesterĂ²».
A photo by somebody from the audience, another one, even more.

September 20, 2013

Two Treasures

On YouTube I found two performances of Cecilia in that talent show, you all know about it.

Cecilia and Katia Ricciarelli singing 'Barcarolle'
Cecilia singing 'Una voce poco fa'


September 16, 2013

Anyone going to China ?

Three dates are in the schedule now, thanks to an admirer.