September 20, 2013

Two Treasures

On YouTube I found two performances of Cecilia in that talent show, you all know about it.

Cecilia and Katia Ricciarelli singing 'Barcarolle'
Cecilia singing 'Una voce poco fa'



  1. Wow! Thank you, Charlotte! (A great «introduction» to the concert tomorrow).

  2. I wish you a great evening - you sure will have it. Enjoy!

  3. She has come a long way since then -:).
    Have fun in Moscow, Sergei.

  4. I can't find it now, but there is a "Summertime" sung by her in around that age and that is absolutely amazing.

  5. Wow. I think this is long lost "Fantastico" (Italian TV show) performance of Cecilia in 1985 or '86. The show was seen by Barenboim, Muti, and von Karajan, all of whom tried to contact her. She was still in conservatory at the time. You can see her parents in an audience closeup near the end of the second video. I believe she chose to try out with von Karajan with conservatory friend Sumi Jo, on another video at . If memory serves, he died before that performance went into rehearsal, but Cecilia was on her way.

    1. I think, where Karajan and Barenboim first saw her was in Paris on the Maria Callas Memorial Concert:, but Muti saw her in 'Fantastico'.


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