October 11, 2013

The Cleopatra Virtuosa CD petiton

As it sometimes happens, a post develops sidetracks, that get lost for some readers of this forum, as they only read the headline and maybe a couple of replies to some post but don't have the time or the interest in more.
So did this post .
As a result of it, an author created a CD petition site on Facebook .

I was asked by some authors, to add a new post and bring the subject to a bigger audience.
Which I do by this new post.
People, who added replies to it in the former post should feel free, to add them here again as I can't simply move comments to a new post, though I'm the administrator. This is a bug in Blogs, that should be resolved some day.

Have fun discussing. I very much liked the active and lively action going on around the famous exclusive "Cleopatra virtuosa" concert in Salzburg  2012.


  1. Je répète encore une fois que j'aimerai mieux que Cecilia fasse une tournée de concerts avec "Cleopatra virtuosa" et que ce spectacle soit filmé pour être gravé sur DVD. Cecilia est aussi passionnante à écouter qu'à regarder...

    1. Completly the same advice with that !

  2. I gave like to the facebook page! Unfortunately I could not attend this concerts, tickets were sold inmediatly! I hope we can convince Cecilia of recording Cleopatra Virtuosa, the reviews and accounts of people who was there were orgasmic! Cecilia is incredible!

  3. I was told there was a discussion here about Cleopatra virtuosa, I had the fortune to attend this concert and the opinions about it saying it was one of the greatest if not the best performance by Cecilia are not exaggerated at all, I saw Cecilia on stage many times but in Cleopatra virtuosa she did incredible vocal feats, incredible even in someone who is incredible herself. It's true that not even in the sacrificium tour she sang with such jaw droping virtuosity. Cecilia had stated that the concert would be something special, and you know that when she says something one has to take it seriously! My voice teacher friend who was there with me was totally baffled by her vocalization and the huge range of her voice she said Cecilia should not be called mezzosoprano or soprano or contralto, she's a sfogato. Her voice went up, with extraordinary ease to a top c like in the last aria by Graun (a festival of delirious coloratura) and descended with equal clearness of sound and facile execution to the fine contralto notes! hers is a precious gift, I hope she decided to record Cleopatra Virtuosa on cd so that all people and future generations of opera lovers can enjoy such a glorious display of virtuosism, my only complaint in the concert was the bouquet she received in the end.. it was too small! for such divine performance Cecilia should have received a laurel wreath!

  4. I gave "like" to the facebook page, Cleopatra virtuosa must have been a great concert, I know most pieces in the program but sung by other singers, I would really love to listen to them in the magnificent voice of Cecilia, someone said in a review to Cleopatra virtuosa was some sort of continuation to Sacrificium because Cecilia sang music originally performed by Farinelli in it. Let's hope she considers to record the concert on cd, it would be just great!

  5. I'd really love this concert on cd! Lets hope Cecilia decides to please her fans with this album.


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