October 12, 2013

The Steffani Project

Sounds like a new CD?
Well, according to this , it's going to be released on November 4th.

But hold your breath. It might be interesting as a nice Christmas present or for those not having bought the second and third Steffani CD from Decca conducted by Diego Fasolis yet.

It will contain the Deluxe Version of Mission  with  the hardcover book, the Stabat Mater and the Dances and Ouvertures as released before.


  1. Oh, that's a wonderful "three pack" - but too late for me: I bought already Mission (of course) and Stabat Mater ...


    They just changed the programm at the site of the Concertgebouw. It changed a little:

    Mozart - Exsultate, jubilate in F, KV 165
    J. Haydn - Allegro assai (uit 'Symfonie nr. 52')
    Mozart - Non più, tutto ascoltai ... Non temer, amato bene, KV 490
    Myslivecek - Ouverture (uit 'Il Medonte')
    Myslivecek - Aria 'Se mai senti' (uit 'La clemenza di Tito')
    J. Haydn - Aria 'Al tuo seno fortunato' (uit 'L'anima del filosofo, ossia Orfeo ed Euridice', Hob. XXVIII: 13)
    J. Haydn - Rondo all'ungherese (uit 'Pianoconcert', Hob. XIV:13)
    Mozart - Aria 'Deh, per questo istante solo' (uit 'La Clemenzo di Tito', KV 621)
    Vanhal - Finale. Allegro (uit 'Symfonie in g', Bryan g1, op. 17 nr. 2)
    Mozart - Aria 'Parto, parto' (uit 'La Clemenzo di Tito', KV 621)
    Kraus - Ouverture (uit 'Olympie'), VB 29
    J. Haydn - Berenice, che fai?, Hob. XXIVa

  3. And a new interview, from China (in English)


    1. That is in the review and video section for days now -:).

  4. Thanks a lot for the link to the interview. It's always nice listening to Cecilia and it is reminder how fantastic artist she is.

  5. There is a new book by Donna Leon called Gondola that comes with a cd of old Venetian gondola songs and an exclusive bonus track by Cecilia (but don't know what that is exactly): http://www.diogenes.de/leser/neuheiten/hardcover/alle/9783257068559/buch

    1. http://www.il-pomodoro.ch/news_in.asp?id=2
      Interesting information, a possible single CD release.


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