December 9, 2013

Norma scoops Gold Award

Thanks to Koile, I add this link.

Wonderful news for Cecilia and a great acknowledgement for the resurrected Norma.

Also there are some hints on possible future concerts and some DVD releases.


  1. Where are the hints on possible future concerts?

    1. in this line : ......intensifies my relationship with the Japanese public whom I am looking forward to meeting again very soon

  2. Ah yes :)

    What's up with the gondola song for Donne Leon's new book? Didn't hear anything about that anymore.

  3. Otello will be released before the Salzburg Otello will be performed? That surprises me, but I'm very much looking forward to it. So then I only need 'Norma' on DVD, Cecilia - for now. :)

  4. New York Times Critics’ Favorite Classical Recordings of 2013
    Dated 19 December

    "BELLINI: ‘NORMA’ Cecilia Bartoli, Sumi Jo; Giovanni Antonini, conductor; Orchestra La Scintilla (Decca). I saw “Norma” nine times at the Metropolitan Opera this fall, so I feel confident endorsing this recording of the opera, which features vibrant conducting, atmospheric playing from a period orchestra and a searching, daring performance from Cecilia Bartoli, the most adventurous major diva of our day (as well as that great rarity, a mezzo-soprano Norma). ZACHARY WOOLFE"


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