February 26, 2014

La Cenerentola with Cecilia in Zürich Season 2014/15

Today the season 2014/15 at Opernhaus Zürich was presented to the public. La Cenerentola with Cecilia will be shown!


I am pleased and a bit confused: I always understood that the opera-productions with Cecilia from Salzburg Festivals never will be shown anywhere else. Do you think that this is still that way? And the announced Cenerentola in Zürich is the production from 1994 (Lievi)?

February 10, 2014

Videos of 'Alcina'

Watch, listen and enjoy!

Cecilia singing 'Ah, mio cor'. Tears promised.
A part of the great 'Ombre pallide'.

:( --- Cecilia's videos are off. ---

The splendid Malena as Ruggiero: 
Sta nell' Ircana 
Verdi Prati

Final applause

What a great performance!
Copyright: Thierry Pillon

February 6, 2014

Cecilia on Mezzo and release of 'Le Comte Ory'

On behalf of Ton: MEZZO will show two operas with Cecilia, on Saturday 8-2  (and 20 and 26 February)  OTELLO and Tuesday 11-2 (and 19-2)  SEMELE.

Furthermore the release of 'Le Comte Ory' is announced via E-Mail and here: March 3, only on amazon.co.uk (not in Germany yet). A blogger shows the cover of 'Otello' here. Anybody showed that on the Forum already?