February 6, 2014

Cecilia on Mezzo and release of 'Le Comte Ory'

On behalf of Ton: MEZZO will show two operas with Cecilia, on Saturday 8-2  (and 20 and 26 February)  OTELLO and Tuesday 11-2 (and 19-2)  SEMELE.

Furthermore the release of 'Le Comte Ory' is announced via E-Mail and here: March 3, only on amazon.co.uk (not in Germany yet). A blogger shows the cover of 'Otello' here. Anybody showed that on the Forum already?



  1. J'ai trouvé "Le comte Ory" sur mon Amazon habituel : http://www.amazon.fr/Le-Comte-Ory-Rossini/dp/B00ARF6XUY/ref=sr_1_3?ie=UTF8&qid=1391718997&sr=8-3&keywords=Le+Comte+Ory

  2. DrB, your post is gone - I have no clue how long mail UK -> USA takes, but I know that mail from the UK to Germany is quite quick (quicker than from other countries in Europe), so hopefully they'd send it quickly to the US, too.


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