February 26, 2014

La Cenerentola with Cecilia in Zürich Season 2014/15

Today the season 2014/15 at Opernhaus Zürich was presented to the public. La Cenerentola with Cecilia will be shown!


I am pleased and a bit confused: I always understood that the opera-productions with Cecilia from Salzburg Festivals never will be shown anywhere else. Do you think that this is still that way? And the announced Cenerentola in Zürich is the production from 1994 (Lievi)?


  1. Christiane, it will be the old Lievi production.

    1. Hi Klaus, I will delete my post soon; the subject is not worth a new post. It belongs to "schedule".


    2. Hi Christiane, no, leave it here. It belongs to schedule, but is one of the first hints to the new season......and maybe more will end up here.
      I saw it in 2002 in Zürich. It's so long ago, but I remember a nice production.

  2. http://www.opernhaus.ch/vorstellung/detail/-a2e886a815/

  3. Thanks, Klaus and Anonymus! I was so excited that I didn't check the website of the Opernhaus Zürich.

    Did you like the Lievi production? I can't see the production in Salzburg this year, so I am thinking of visiting Zürich in 2015 ...

  4. Was it done in 1994? I think that's when I was there.
    If you remove a post, the comments are gone.

  5. It will be 31 Dez 2014, 04 Jan 2015, 09 Jan 2015, 11 Jan 2015, 15 Jan 2015 (click Biografien > find Cecilia > click Termine).


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