March 14, 2014

Otello-DVD will be released soon

by amazon UK on 8th of April

by jpc Germany on 4th of April

I am very much looking forward to see and hear Cecilia in this fantastic production again - on dvd!


  1. Luckily, in Holland it is already available on 28 March, so I can see the subtitles before I go to see it in Paris, much nicer to know what it is about exactly (I have it in Fench from Mezzo but my French is bad)

  2. Hi everybody, I wrote an review about me watching "Otello" on DVD! (Had no chance to travell to Paris, the DVD is a good Substitute). You will find it in the Review-Section. The text is still in German, but i will translate it. So far enjoy! Happy Easter! Koile


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