May 23, 2014

Warm up for Salzburg 2014

So I think it's time to warm up for Salzburg. :)

I found an article on, not a very sophisticated one, but it's only the beginning. They visited a rehearsal of 'Cenerentola' and again, it's not a traditional production. It takes place in present time, Cenerentola is a waitress. The director, Damiano Michieletto, who performs 'La Cenerentola' for the very first time, doesn't want to teach the past, but tries to connect the preferably lively people on stage with the audience. 

Though four singers are old stagers in 'Cenerentola', a very creative and relaxed atmosphere prevails (says the director). Cecilia says, open mind is the secret. And, concerning her voice, the love to her work and the passion for music are the best things against overloading.

If you have a Facebook account (or perhaps it's open to everyone?) you can see some nice pictures on Javier Camarena's account and get used to Cecilia in very red. :)

Salzburger Festspiele on FB, too.


May 1, 2014

New section for Personal Reviews

Dear readers.
After some personal reviews from Gil and Koile, which all ended up in the review section, which, by now, is a pretty long list, I added a new section, where you can add personal reviews at the very end of the chapter list.
 Personal reviews  used to be a regular part of the old Hypernews CB forum in the old days, but it has almost totally disappeared afterwards.
So I thank those of you for adding personal reviews in that exact section, as Google doesn't make it easy, to move contents, so I needed to copy and paste all the former personal reviews into the new section.
That section is open to all of you, no authorship needed, as you just add them as a comment.
Klaus T.