May 1, 2014

New section for Personal Reviews

Dear readers.
After some personal reviews from Gil and Koile, which all ended up in the review section, which, by now, is a pretty long list, I added a new section, where you can add personal reviews at the very end of the chapter list.
 Personal reviews  used to be a regular part of the old Hypernews CB forum in the old days, but it has almost totally disappeared afterwards.
So I thank those of you for adding personal reviews in that exact section, as Google doesn't make it easy, to move contents, so I needed to copy and paste all the former personal reviews into the new section.
That section is open to all of you, no authorship needed, as you just add them as a comment.
Klaus T.


  1. Hello Klaus, thank you for this possibility. As I said before I am quit new to the CB Universe and still exploring the "Cecilia Quadrant". I see and hear things for the first time (how innocent) and just want to share this. So hopefully my enthusiasm infects some of you here and we can fill this section with "life".

  2. I very much hope, that many will follow Koile and Gil. In the old Hypernews Forum, some of the 'verterans' wrote personal reviews, would be nice to revive this.

    Koile, have fun exploring! Believe me, even knowing Cecilia for long, she surprises still all the time. :)

  3. Your are welcome, Koile.
    I, too, hope, that others will follow with personal views of performances, CD's or DVD's.
    I think, it's lovely, to innocently explore Cecilia's vast amount of recordings -:).

  4. Upss, I did it again :-) This time it is "Semele". If you request I will translate it. As long it is just in german. Please join my excitment and tell me about your "Semele experience! Greetings to all of you, Koile


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