June 18, 2014

Bartoli's Back! (...at La Scala)

Yesterday the new director of the Teatro all Scala, Alexander Pereira, announced Cecilia will give the closing concert in the Milan Expo Series at La Scala on 27 ottobre 2015. It is a "Homage to Vivaldi" programme with Diego Fasolis and I Barocchisti.

Tickets go on sale 14 August 2015.

Season presentation: http://www.gramilano.com/2014/06/peace-made-bartolis-back-la-scalas-new-season-announced/

Full programme: http://www.gramilano.com/2014/06/la-scala-complete-symphonic-recital-programme-2014-2015/


  1. Welcome to the forum, Graham.
    Well, this certainly is a surprise. I wonder, how the loggionisti will consume Vivaldi. Certainly an important and interesting date in her schedule 2015/16.
    Klaus T.

    1. Thank you for your welcome... I've only just read it!

  2. So, she's bringing Vivaldi back to Italy, after quite a successful Handel attempt two years ago. Great news!

  3. I really hope this means a new album by Cecilia with Vivaldi music! does anyone knows if Cecilia plans to come back to the castrati repertoire? everytime I listen to her Sacrificium album I feel in Heaven, her virtuosity and refinement are unrivaled and I am sure, quite sure that even Farinelli would be jealous of Cecilia.


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