September 27, 2014

The selected about 17 superfans

I counted about 17 winners of the Superfan competition on the Decca page and surprisingly none of the regulars of the present Forum are among them (but congratulations to Brian Harvey, the only Superfan I know and who did a lot for me).
What I think is that Cecilia or Decca wanted to honour fans who did not all (?) have much chance to see her live and that she/they found it impossible to choose between the fans who can go often to concerts and know her and eachother well. Didn't they want anybody to feel left out?
But more surprising is that it are only about 17 fans. I had expected 50 winners.
It would be quite interesting to hear here of fans who did get the prize and do read this forum.
Congratulations in any case.


September 16, 2014

Official trailer for "St. Petersburg" is online now

The new album gets promotoed by a new trailer, that contains another bit of one of the arias.
I suppose, the official site will be updated soon.