October 30, 2014

THIS thread can be used for comments about concerts

Dear fans,
I feel we need a new thread for comments about concerts.
The one about the Amsterdam postponement is not quite the right one.
One would have to read it all to find out about concert experiences.
Long reports of course under Personal Reviews with a mentioning in this thread that one has done so. Is that OK?


October 25, 2014

Cecilia is ill : Amsterdam cancelled and postponed to November 5th 2014

  • Concert Cecilia Bartoli verplaatst

    Vanwege ziekte moet Cecilia Bartoli haar concert van 26 oktober in Het Concertgebouw uitstellen. Het concert is verplaatst naar woensdag 5 november om 20.15 uur. Toegangskaarten blijven geldig voor de nieuwe datum. Kaartkopers worden per e-mail of telefoon verder ge├»nformeerd.

October 23, 2014

October 22, 2014

Amsterdam signing session in Hermitage CANCELLED but Cecilia on Dutch TV Friday

The Hermitage website says that due to circumstances the signing has been cancelled. see www.hermitage.nl/nl  on the right, below ("geannuleerd")
Somewhere I have read though that she appears in the popular daily talkshow "De Wereld Draait Door" (DWDD) on Friday. That'll be a first as she used to go to "Pauw en Witteman".
DWDD is early in the evening (19.00 H, NPO1) but repeated late.
I hope the signing cancelation is due to suspicion of few people turning up and that she'll do it after the concert, or she has an important dinner on Saturday (sponsors?)


October 21, 2014

A favor to all (and me)

Dear fans,
 a  handful of people (Steffi, Ton and others) have gathered so many links to videos, audios and reviews about "St. Petersburg" and put them into the commentaries of any possible post.
Please make it easier for me, to catch up with putting them into the specific section and add them in the VIDEO/AUDIO and REVIEWS section as a commentary (allowed in both sections now all the way down on the site) , so I just have to copy and paste.
I tried, to pick all links and put them in those sections tonight.
But soon, I'll be away from my computer for some time (Cecilia is to blame -;) mostly) and eventually, it will be impossible for me, to actually catch every link.
In the sections, I can copy and paste them and then delete the commentary, so the newest reviews will be on the top of the site.
Thank you.
Klaus T.

October 20, 2014

If it's of interest, I've translated a couple of Cecilia's Italian interviews recently:

On why she needs to search in the archives to find new music to sing


And her opinion about the Rome Opera and Riccardo Muti


Next (when I've got more time) is a long interview for the Italian Opera magazine.

October 10, 2014

The Spectator goes to the St Petersburg launch at Versailles:

"When your launch parties are already as legendary as your coloratura (and every bit as extravagant), how do you up the ante? By taking over the Palace of Versailles, of course, for an evening of music, food and audacious spectacle that the Sun King himself would salute."


October 8, 2014

Cecilia signing in Amsterdam on Saturday 25 October CANCELLED

Quite fittingly Cecilia would sign at 6 PM in the Amsterdam branch of the St Petersburg Hermitage rmuseum on Saturday 25 October , Amstel 51. see http://www.klassiekezaken.nl/nieuws/cecilia-bartoli-signeert

It has been cancelled though. see Hermitage website
www.hermitage.nl/nl, on the right, below