October 21, 2014

A favor to all (and me)

Dear fans,
 a  handful of people (Steffi, Ton and others) have gathered so many links to videos, audios and reviews about "St. Petersburg" and put them into the commentaries of any possible post.
Please make it easier for me, to catch up with putting them into the specific section and add them in the VIDEO/AUDIO and REVIEWS section as a commentary (allowed in both sections now all the way down on the site) , so I just have to copy and paste.
I tried, to pick all links and put them in those sections tonight.
But soon, I'll be away from my computer for some time (Cecilia is to blame -;) mostly) and eventually, it will be impossible for me, to actually catch every link.
In the sections, I can copy and paste them and then delete the commentary, so the newest reviews will be on the top of the site.
Thank you.
Klaus T.


  1. Hello Klaus and everybody, thank you for all the work on this website. I check it regularly to see the latest and everything actually. Would it be an idea to create a facebook account -extra- for this community, so it would be easy for us visitors to post fotos and upload clips? Let me know what you think and if you're up for it and I would dive into it. With warm regards, Anouk

  2. Thanks a lot for your immense efforts, Klaus! I thought you gave up. I myself thought to ask the fans to use our special sections (video/audio, reviews, personal reviews) and start new posts for new subjects - but I didn't dare to ...

    Concerning a facebook account for our community:
    Please, please, don't do that. I do not want to follow any further website... In my opinion the problem is not the difficulty of posting fotos and uploading videos but to handle our forum with a little more discipline. For example: Actually I'd like to have two new posts - one to share our impressions and experiences with Cecilia's St. Petersburg-concerts (Berlin is calling!), the other to talk about the new album.

    Thanks Steffi for using the review section immediately. It is much easier to follow all your great links that way.

    I am glad we have this forum. Regards, Christiane

  3. Hello everybody! All those great links and articles, interviews and so on got me the "Kick". I sat down and wrote my personal impressions about "St. Petersburg", about "this and that". So far the text is only in German, but I will try my best to translate the stuff. If you are interested in reading I posted it in the "Personal Review" section! Enjoy! Greetings Koile

  4. Hi Anouk, well, I don't have a Facebook or Twitter Account and I guess, that's true for some others, too. The Facebook Site should be open for anyone then and requiring no account: I wouldn't mind a site with nice pics or videos :).Klaus T.


If you want to post a link to a review or a video/audio contribution, please also add a comment in the respective section of the forum. Thanks.