October 22, 2014

Amsterdam signing session in Hermitage CANCELLED but Cecilia on Dutch TV Friday

The Hermitage website says that due to circumstances the signing has been cancelled. see www.hermitage.nl/nl  on the right, below ("geannuleerd")
Somewhere I have read though that she appears in the popular daily talkshow "De Wereld Draait Door" (DWDD) on Friday. That'll be a first as she used to go to "Pauw en Witteman".
DWDD is early in the evening (19.00 H, NPO1) but repeated late.
I hope the signing cancelation is due to suspicion of few people turning up and that she'll do it after the concert, or she has an important dinner on Saturday (sponsors?)



  1. I can not imagine she will sign after the concert because 2 days later she has to sing in Cologne and i hope she will sign there! But we'll see... ;)

  2. Does not say much, Last year she went to Brussels after Amsterdam, 2 days later, after signing in Amsterdam and then there was not even a new CD- . Brussels is only 40 minutes less by train than Cologne..

  3. Thanks, Ton, for informing us! I wouldn't have noticed neither the signing session nor its cancellation when in Amsterdam on Saturday! I am a bit sad about the cancellation because I was looking forward to the idea to meet Cecilia for sure. On the other hand I like the special atmosphere when talking with her under the emotional impression of a concert ... Let's hope for Sunday night!

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  5. the website of De Wereld Draait Door ( Die Welt dreht durch) confirms she will sing tonight, 7 PM at NPO1, midnight at NPO3

  6. Maybe the signing cancellation in Amsterdam has to do with the fact that she is still fighting her illness which made her cancel her signing session in Berlin after the concert (with lots of people waiting )...

  7. Here you can already find it (she was not interviewed, but sang the excerpt of 'De' miei figli')



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