December 15, 2014

Cecilia's Christmas feeling

The December issue (Renée Fleming on the cover) of Dutch music magazine LUISTER ("listen" but it has more meanings) has a 2nd article about Cecilia, after last month's.
This time specifically about Cecilia and Christmas.
I hope the author does not mind me translating it partly. Non-Dutch speakers are not going to buy it anyway and it's only 1 page of 130.

Cappelletti as religion. The Christmas feeling of Cecilia Bartoli.

Hinting at the wintery cover of her latest album, editor Ruud Meijer tries to uncover C.B.'s Christmas feeling. Not easy. If ever she refers to her Creator, it is usually in a more prosaic way.

How do you steer a conversation towards Christmas when outside the summer sun is still burning blue in the sky?
In the case of Cecilia Bartoli this is an extra obstacle on a way that already has enough obstacles. Bartoli has namely the ability to bend every personal question towards something work-or music related. Even though you know you do not need to expect devout stories about the Jezus child or the Trinity. If she refers to her Creator, it is in a more prosaic manner. That God, if He is in a good mood, is able to create heavenly voices like Anna Netrebko or Lina Cavalieri. or that she hopes to enter into Hell  after her death as she expects to be in joyful company who know how to make a good cappuccino. Also her relations with the Vatican are troubled ever since they cancelled a planned concert of hers there when she refused to take a stand about abortion.

Christmas, Bartoli tells, means for me meeting with my family and make music together. To sing and play outside of a stage, with my family. That is fantastic. My mother is a singer. My husband (Oliver) is, my father-in-law is. Those 2 families, a Swiss and an Italian come together for Christmas. I try to learn Schubert-songs then, hahaha ! And I teach them Italian songs. My sister-in-law plays the cello, my sister (Federica) also sings.
And we go cooking together. On Fridays we only eat fish. But the traditional lunch on the 25th is a whole different story. In the north of Italy where I come from (Parma), we always start with cappelletti. That's a filled pasta like tortellini, but looks differently. Cappelletti means "little hats" round with a point. We don't make them just like that ,it is sort of a religion. So yes, I am religious, hahaha !
I am now already nervous for the coming Christmas feast, if my mother will like my recipies. Sometimes she says, "this is not the way to do it!".
And if I am really religious? When I listen to the music of Mozart, Haydn or Handel, then I am convinced that God exists, no doubt about it !!  

Ingredients for Cappelletti with ham and pesto cheese:
500 gram cappelletti with raw ham:
400 grams peeled tomatoes
50 gram of rucola
1 onion
4 soup spoons pesto cheese.
1 cube chicken bouillon
1 soup spoons olive oil
3 soup spoons pine grains
Italian herb mix
pepper and salt

cook the cappelletti for 4 minutes


  1. Thank you, Ton, for translating! But this is not the whole recipe, isn't it? Only the pesto?

    I think it is very wise to refuse consistently the questions that are too intimate. There's a risk to dissipate in a way and her vocation is music - neither to change the Pope, nor to protest against Putin.

    And, of course, God exsists. She's the proof.

  2. In addition to the recipe, also add one clove of garlic. On the internet you can find ways how to prepare it, and also the way to prepare fresh cappalletti. Who is going to cook cappelletti? :-)

  3. Anonymous is right: also a clove of garlic. I only mentioned the ingredients, thinking that if anyone is interested, they'd know how to cook it.
    I found Cecilia's answers also quite wise and she knows how to bring it with some humour..

  4. Hi Ton, I was Anonymous, forgot to type my name.
    I agree with you and Charlotte about the anwers of Cecilia. Quite wise & with humour indeed!

  5. Yes, Parma area. Cecilia grew up in Rome but her grandmother lived on a farm near Parma.


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